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2 up! e cost of one tank of gas or dinner out for two per month would put the campaign in the green. Just say, "Yes, I'm in." Accept the bid (challenge) and take action TODAY! I fully expect that we will see at least 150-200 of you take this challenge and step up! If you are reading this, then I need you in the game. is is your call, your nudge. is is an honor, a privilege, and simply an easy ask. Are you in? Go to, click on "New House Campaign" (on the le under the picture), then on "Click Here" under the word "Campaign." at will take you to the Foundation page and earmark the donation to the Sigma Nu House Fund. You will get the receipt, tax forms, and reminders from LA Tech Foundation, and we get the record of each gi made on a weekly basis for our records. While on the website, please sign in and update your personal information, as this will be our source for keeping up with alumni in the future. e foundation does not allow us to get any personal information from any alumni—not even your current mailing address. You must visit our website to provide these updates. Currently, we are over the $1.4 million mark in gis and pledges from 153 men. We will spend at least 2.5 million in hard and so costs on this whole process. With another $300,000 in pledges through May and June, we are well on our way to getting started by September and having the new house built and ready to occupy by the fall of 2022. You have seen the plans, you know you want to see this built, and you have the duty to participate from the basis of "Love for One Another… It's a Long, Long Road." Let's go, men! Fraternally, Frank Potts HZ465 House Corporation President | (404) 597-9133 THE 2021 CHALLENGE (Continued from page 1) Do your part for Sigma Nu today! Visit to donate online. Be sure to update your contact info while you're there! W hat an awesome honor it is for me to write to you about our alumni chapter. As many of you may know, I was elected Alumni Commander in August of 2020. John Morgan HZ549 served the alumni chapter as Commander from 2016 to 2020, leaving me some very big shoes to fill. Please join me in expressing our gratitude and appreciation to Brother Morgan for his service to the alumni chapter. Serving as Commander includes a number of responsibilities. In addition to developing outreach initiatives and alumni events, promoting active chapter engagement, and administering the alumni database, the position also serves on the board of directors of the Eta Zeta House Corporation. is has been a great way to reconnect with the active chapter and get to know the House Corporation members even better. is group, led by President Frank Potts HZ465, has done amazing work on fundraising for the new house and providing temporary housing for the active chapter. ere will certainly be more to come, but for now please plan to be in Ruston the weekend of September 24-25 to attend a celebration of 60 years of Eta Zeta. We are already working on a fun-filled weekend with events for alumni of all ages and their families. If you are interested in helping with the planning, please reach out to me using the contact information below. When developing goals for our alumni chapter, it is a daunting task to know where to begin. e active chapter just initiated HZ1407 and our alumni group has over 1,300 members, so you can see even administering the database can be a challenge. Obviously, our primary goal is to finish our fundraising efforts and get started on the new house. Just as obvious, however, is the need to engage our alumni group beyond fundraising. With that in mind, I hope to focus on these primary areas of engagement: • Connecting alumni of all ages with Eta Zetas in their area. • Alumni assistance for recruitment (both Sigma Nu and Louisiana Tech). • Alumni interaction for chapter development. • Alumni mentorship for new graduates. • Assistance with career opportunities. • Increasing alumni communication. If anyone is interested in helping with any of these projects or needs to update their contact information, please contact me. Finally, you can find out more information about the active and alumni chapters by visiting (please update your profile), joining our Sigma Nu (Eta Zeta Chapter) Facebook group, or following @ sigmanuhz on Instagram. Love, Truth, and Honor never go out of style. Fraternally, Jason D. Smith HZ642 Commander, Alumni Chapter (318) 218-4985 ALUMNI COMMANDER REPORT

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