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THE ZETA CHI PIKELINE 2 WILL YOU HELP KEEP ZETA CHI STRONG? Join the List of 2020 AnnuAL CAmpAign Donors toDAy W e are deeply grateful to the 25 donors listed below for committing more than $5,000 to the 2020 annual campaign. ese brothers recognize the importance of ensuring the future of Zeta Chi and have demonstrated a sense of gratitude for their personal experience. Commitments are still needed from the rest of our alumni to achieve our goals. If an error has been made in recording your gi, or your name has been mistakenly omitted, we sincerely apologize. Please advise our campaign coordinator at (785) 843-1661. Phi Phi Club ($1,000 and above) Jeff S. Counts '90 Mark P. Riney '92 Garnet & Gold Club ($500 to $999) J. Todd Branson '90 Eric J. Schlote '90 1969 Club ($250 to $499) Michael Pearson '75 In memory of Richie Meredith '91 Kirk L. Perkins '75 Kevin J. Green '76 Kenneth W. Rahmeyer '76 Jim Roebuck '81 Daniel S. Kraus '85 Chris McFadden '87 and Pat McFadden '90 In memory of Steve McFadden '88 Richie Meredith '91 Andrew P. Waddell '91 Distinguished Alumni Club ($100 to $249) Mark R. Landwehr '70 Mac Humphries III '71 John M. Ruck '71 Michael D. Shank '71 Michael K. Cully '71 Barry Johnson '72 Tony Schultz '72 Bob Henley '73 Paul F. Huenefeldt '73 Mark A. Shank '73 Kevin L. Vaught '76 Timothy D. Nichols '81 Lonnie D. Branson '85 Pat McFadden '90 Michael R. Romanoski '90 Travis V. Schaberg '90 David Warren '90 omas G. Inman '92 Michael A. O'Brien '95 A pril 14, 2020, is a date that Scott Bruegge '89 is sure to never forget. ree weeks aer being admitted to Lawrence Memorial Hospital and being diagnosed with COVID-19, Scott received a round of applause from the LMH health care heroes before raising his fist in victory as he was greeted by his friends and family outside the front entrance. "I'm so very grateful for the wisdom and care of those doctors and nurses. I never had a previous major illness or situation to be hospitalized, so this was my first encounter," Scott said. "I was in the ICU and on the ventilator for 12 days, so half of my hospitalization time I was unconscious." What first started out like a common cold for Scott quickly turned into flu-like symptoms and full-fledged coronavirus within a couple of days. Along with providing Scott top-notch care, the LMH staff kept his wife, Shannon, in the loop about her husband's condition through Zoom calls and FaceTime. Scott is thankful for the healing hands of everyone at LMH and the medicine that saved his life, and also credits the power of prayer for getting him through his COVID-19 battle. "e support was very overwhelming. While Facebook can sometimes be a curse and distraction, it did allow me to connect with so many of my childhood friends and PIKE brothers," Scott said. "Many shouted out and said they were praying for me and some offered help or assistance for me and my family. It really meant the world. e bonds of brothers is an amazing thing, a lifelong thing." While Scott had many reasons to celebrate on April 14, he still had a long road to recovery that is just now coming to an end. Scott lost around 40 pounds and had to regain strength to stand, walk, get dressed, get out of bed, shower, brush his teeth, and feed himself. He also has to do some dreadful voice exercises to strengthen his vocal cords. A big milestone for Scott occurred when he was able to return to work at DS Bus Lines, which is a division of the Kincaid Group based in Kansas City. Scott took the skills learned in the classroom at MSU and applied what he learned from working and dealing with people during his PIKE experience to help open doors and navigate his career. Scott will always cherish everything he learned from Zeta Chi and the great memories he made with his roommate, the late Steve McFadden '88. "Living in the fraternity house was probably the best two years of my young adult life," Scott said. "e traditions, rituals, business side, and bonds of brotherhood are very influential in my business life." Scott continues to count his blessings with everything God has given him, especially Shannon; his twin daughters, Ashley and Audrey; his brothers, Chris Bruegge and Eric Bruegge '91; and his parents. You can see the video of Scott's discharge by visiting lmh.org/news/2020-news/ celebration-for-discharged-covid-19-patient and connect with him at bruegge2726@gmail.com. The Power of Prayer and PIKE Scott Bruegge '89 Gives Thanks for Life's Many Blessings After Beating COVID-19 Ashley and Audrey Bruegge, the daughters of Scott Bruegge '89, outside of Lawrence Memorial Hospital on the day of their father's discharge. Wayne Knight '89, Steve McFadden '88, Jay Hardesty '88, and Scott Bruegge '89.

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