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Discove r Cit yV iewN m's fre s h up d ate d loo k ! | 37 S ome things are worth the wait. e perfect home. Your dream job. True love. Anything on the menu at family-owned Saigon Bistro in Fayetteville. Just don't expect your order to arrive in a hurry. Paper signs taped in strategic places throughout the restaurant remind us of the owners' mantra: We do not serve fast food; we serve fresh food you will appreciate. is is slow food, done right. e focus is on using the freshest possible ingredients and proven cooking methods to create a varied menu of Vietnamese, Chinese and ai dishes that are tantalizing and affordable – prompting us to return time and again. e most popular dish, served in a behemoth white bowl, is the traditional Vietnamese soup called pho (pronounced fuh). e aromatic broth is loaded with long rice noodles and a choice of paper thin-sliced beef, meatballs, chicken, pork, shrimp or assorted seafood. On the side: fresh cilantro, basil, bean sprouts, lime slices and extra-fiery jalapenos. Top the broth to your heart's content. At the end of a busy day, dining solo with a steaming bowl of beef pho – heavy on the herbs – has long been my Zen. A peaceful vibe permeates the dining room with great people- watching possibilities. Families, friends, couples, first-daters and other Kha and Cam Nguyen, owners of Saigon Bistro, with some of their most requested dishes. From top left: beef pho, special vermicelli with shrimp, chicken and beef and a variety of vegetables, fish sauce for topping the vermicelli, shrimp-fried rice, a plate of fresh cilantro, basil, bean sprouts, lime wedges and jalapenos to accentuate the rich pho broth. NORTHWOOD'S NIGHT of WORSHIP Sunda y , March 15 @ 6:PM NORTHWOOD TEMPLE CHOIR & SPECIAL GUESTS N O R T H W O O D T E M P L E . O R G F R E E _ A REGISTRATION BEGINS MARCH 2 ND CLASSES START JUNE 15 TH ! • Academics • Art • Cooking • Gardening & Outdoor Fun • Music & Drama • Needlecrafts & Sewing • Recreation • Self-Enrichment • Technology C O R P O R AT E & C O N T I N U I N G E D U C AT I O N SUMMERSCAPES 2020 A Kid's Summer Program CALL US TODAY AT (910) 678-8309! Make plans to attend Summerscapes this year! Take advantage of these enjoyable, inexpensive learning opportunities for your child. Topics range in the following areas: View schedules at education/corporate-continuing-education-schedules/#schedules

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