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THE TAXI NEWS PAGE 2 1948 Founders Society ($2,500 and above) Robert F. Schmanski '99 Craig S. Janus '00 John T. Kiolbasa '00 Alpha Sigma Chapter Society ($1,000 to $2,499) Darin P. Habenicht '89 Charles J. Kocian '94 Derek J. Hupfer '99* In honor of Reid Chapman, Former Associate MOTY Jon G. Kujanski '00 6294 Society ($500 to $999) David F. Turner '82 Joseph R. Proehl '89 Kevin E. Nelson '90 Anthony M. Lynch '97 Timothy J. Heyen '03 Justin Kaplan '04 Andrew C. Turner '10 Trent J. Hootman '17* Maxwell A. Rydell '17 The Sacred Badge Society ($250 to $499) Donald W. Diekman '50 Robert G. Lyons '53 Ronald L. Forsberg '60 Richard T. Bowman '61 Fred S. Brown, Ph.D. '62 Morton D. Fowler '64 Steven B. Salk '70 Jeffrey E. Braun '91 Matthew R. Ault '95* Celyn M. Evans '99 Eric M. Curtis '01 David C. Jarvas '01 Kristopher J. Kopel '01 Hans P. Frei '02 Charles D. Stone '02 Andrew W. Potter '15 Blue Iris Society ($150 to $249) Willliam Cheffer '52 Eric C. Bornquist '65 David S. Joseph '65 Gary W. Kramer '69 Eric W. Westburg '86 D. Nathan Hood '95 Michael C. Beesley '10 Clifton D. Holly '11 Timothy W. Pec '15 Unicorn Society (Up to $149) Herbert W. Zobel '50 Robert R. Pitra '52 Charles E. Skillman '53 Steven R. Tarochione '53 William H. Stone '55 Raymond D. Szidon '56 Ralph W. Grandle '58 Russell D. Carll '59 Charles E. Carlson '59 Robert L. Widerkehr '60 Michael P. Houston '61 Roger C. Sables '61 Larry M. Salvatori '65 Peter A. Szydlowski '65* In memory of Al Weitzel '65 Bill W. Heimbach '67 Thomas A. Walsh '68 Anthony P. Arciero '69 Quentin R. Sullivan '84 Christopher R. Houle '85 David A. Warmann '85 Todd G. Pisarski '88 Kevin R. Brown '91 Thomas H. Friday '94 Edward J. Malinowski '95 Russell T. Ward '00 Douglas J. Patchin '01 Thomas I. Johnson '02 Justin S. Vano '04 Nicholas R. Jones '05 Michael B. Maida '05 David Printz '05 Michael Prather '11 Michael D. Kull '15 Dakota L. Mahan '15 Kyle R. Gehling '17 *Donor to the fall 2018 appeal A heartfelt thank-you to the loyal and generous Alpha Sigma alumni who have supported the chapter over the years. Without you, our brotherhood would not enjoy the success it has achieved to date. Through our struggles, you have remained steadfast pillars of support for our undergraduate brothers, ultimately changing the trajectory of their lives for the better. Caring alumni make it possible for the alumni board to provide scholarships for our undergraduate brothers and conduct ongoing chapter house maintenance. You bring our motto, "united they serve," to life and put Theta Xi values into action. Last fall, alumni made our brotherhood a priority and donated to Alpha Sigma. Donors are listed below by their lifetime giving totals. If you feel an error has been made regarding your donation, please contact our campaign coordinator at (785) 843-1661. Thank you for your continued support! WRITING THE NEXT CHAPTER OF ALPHA SIGMA TOGETHER Grateful for Alumni Support Through the Years SCHOLARSHIPS SOAR FOR ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER Alumni Donations Make Immediate Impact T his year, undergraduates are receiving an outstanding $20,500 in scholarships. Last year, we raised $17,075 in donations to add to our scholarship endowment thanks to 15 donors. At the end of last year, our scholarship endowment account was close to $125,000. It reached nearly $135,000 by May 2019. Craig Janus '00 has been actively raising money for our scholarship endowment since 2005. It took five years to raise the principal to the minimum to start paying out, which is why we started payouts in 2011. Those were the most challenging years. However, patience and determination won that day. Now that we're paying out substantial income, it has helped to sell itself. For those who like a visual of where their money is going, see the graph to the right—it shows how much we've paid out annually. Keep in mind, 2019 will be $20,500, though it will not be added until the final numbers are in on December 31. SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Chase Hoge '22—Gleespen Reid Chapman '20—Janus and Blue Iris Gaudas Aleksonis '20— Janus and Patterson Kiernan Robinson '20—Blue Iris Nate Wagner '21—Blue Iris Alex Kuphal '22—Blue Iris Donating to Alpha Sigma is simple! Give online today at

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