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June 02, 2010

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PERSON PLEASE ONE COPY PER Vol. 6 Issue #111 FREE Community Paper Serving The Communities Of Quartzsite, Ehrenberg, Brenda & Bouse Wed. June 2, 2010 The people have chosen incumbent council Ed Foster mayor; retains At the regular Council meeting, Tuesday, May 25, 2010, Ed Foster was sworn in as Mayor of Quartzsite QUARTZSITE- After a long, contentious campaign, the votes are in, with 54.2% turnout of registered voters. Ed Foster received 338 votes to Wes Huntley’s 311. Out of 653 votes only 27 votes seperated the two. There were also 4 write-in votes cast. Council members Jose Lizzaraga received enough votes in the March election to remain seated. The three remaining incumbents retained their seats in a hotly contested campaign. Jerry Lukkasson received 322 votes. Patricia Anderson received 317 votes; and Robert Kelley with 315 votes. Reform Slate candidates, Chaunce Hamilton, Russell Sias, and Bill Moore followed behind with 309, 308, and 254 votes respectively. 6 write-in votes were also cast. In October, 2009, Ed Foster, then loudly that if the council approved these items, recall papers for the new- ly elected council would be drawn the next day. On the fi rst item, Lizzaraga did not vote, Kelley voted nay, and the remaining 5 voted to approve. The other items passed unanimously. “I have not encouraged recall efforts over the treatment I received Tuesday evening,” Foster stated on his website. Wes Huntley then spoke to the crowd and stepped down, as Vice Mayor Bar- bara Cowell resumed the meeting. Magistrate Terry Frausto proceeded director of the Citizens’ Coalition, (ac- cording to the Parker Pioneer) brought criminal charges against Huntley, Kel- ley, Lizzaraga, and then Councilman Hal Davidson for allegedly violating town codes, which was dismissed in December, 2009 due to lack of merit. The standing room only crowd Tues- to swear in Ed Foster, Jose Lizzaraga, Jerry Lukkasson, Patricia Anderson, and Bob Kelley, creating a fully elected council chosen by the people for the fi rst time since October, 2008 when then Mayor Chuck Busby died while in offi ce. Joe Winslow and Barbara Cow- ell were elected to the council in Sep- tember, 2009 during the recall election of Bill Moore and Carolyn Guthrie. On his website, Mayor Foster said, day evening erupted in multiple out- bursts showing discontent with the items on the council’s agenda and that the swearing in of the new mayor was at the end of the agenda. Items in contention were those revising town codes re: “Powers and Duties of the Mayor, Procedure Policy Legal and Ethical Standards of Conduct, and Town Clerk”. During the discussions, Hal Davidson and Dean Taylor stated “My goal is to remain accessible to those people that put me in offi ce, and to maintain dedicated to them, will- ing to listen to any concerns they may have. I can and do assure my constitu- ents that there will be no tremendous changes. Every effort will be made to rebuild the community participation in our governmental structure and I hope to make those changes with the sup- port of a strong and dedicated council. “In all, I am honored and humbled to be given this opportunity to serve this great community and I look forward to working with all of you.” By Christy Carter Lady Scholars’ win State! QUARTZSITE - On May 15, 2010 the Lady Scholars’ Softball team won the state championship in AZCAA softball. Their 16-15 win over Skyline West clinched their fi rst ever state title in softball. It was a very intense game, starting with two hard collisions at fi rst base in the fi rst inning. The fi rst collision was between a Skyline West base runner and Scholars’ fi rst baseman, Berenice Delfi n. Berenice walked away with a scraped elbow and some big bruises. Later in the same inning, Scholars’ catcher, Karyssa Bastin, took collided with Skyline’s fi rst baseman, sending both fl ying into the air. Karyssa hurt her arm, but was determined to stay in the game. Later evidence showed that her arm was fractured in three places by that same collision. Scholars’ had a stellar performance from their scoring leaders, Ashley Far- well, Wendy Celaya, and Alyssa Carter, all who scored three runs each in the game. Ashley hit a perfect 1.000 bat- ting average for the game, Wendy had a batting average of .800, and Alyssa hit .750 with a home run to begin the bottom of the 7th inning. Seniors Rickelle Robertson and Chey- anne Collier also did an amazing job both defensively and offensively, being on base a combined 6 out of 10 times up to bat and Cheyanne led the team with 6 defense put outs. First year players Amy Perez and Miriam Tinoco assisted the team in their win, with Miriam hitting in the winning run at the bottom of the 7th inning. Coach Christy Carter said, “I am so proud of our girls. Their backs were against the wall and they fought through to show that they were the better team. They are a great bunch of girls and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to coach. They worked so hard all season and it really paid off.” The Lady Scholars’ fi nished their season with a perfect 12-0 record. FREE!

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