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4120 Clinton Parkway Lawrence, KS 66047 Address Service Requested A PUBLICATION FOR ALUMNI, PARENTS, AND FRIENDS OF BISHOP SEABURY ACADEMY BUILDING ON OUR MISSION A Campaign for Bishop Seabur y Academy HONORARY CHAIRMEN Stephen and Marcia Hill CHAIRMEN Reed and Stacey Dillon COMMITTEE MEMBERS Alumni Parents Dan and Kay Almanza Dennis and Darci Depenbusch Mary Dillon and Jon Hafker Tom and Kathleen Hodge Current Parents Brett and Patti Bartley Jeremy and Sheri Hamm Teresa "Tree" Hanna Richard and Mary Spurlock Head of School Dr. Don Schawang Excerpt from Dean of Students, Sonja Czarnecki. Due to our cramped building, faculty have had to make do with inadequate room and they have been wonderfully creative. However, as a whole, this has hindered us from pursuing many of our goals. Here are some examples: • In health class, Mr. Rios had seventh grade students preparing healthy snacks. But with only one cold-water sink in the MS science classroom, students lost valuable time running back and forth to the restroom to wash hands and clean utensils. This same classroom is shared by two full-time teachers and one half-time teacher. They frequently have to use each other's desks or chairs to set up lab equipment. • Mr. Bryan has made do by "MacGyver-ing" his trailer classroom with features like a sink that operates by filling a bucket with the hose outside, and then using a foot pump. That didn't work so well when it was -1 degree during winter. • Our Learning Support program has no dedicated space; Ms. Heim, Chaplain Stephanie, Mrs. diZerega (our volunteer tutor), and I currently share one room. For student support to work best we need more private spaces where students can focus. • My classroom is in use every period of the day except one. Almost every time I have a phone call with a parent, or meet privately with a student or teacher about a sensitive issue, I have to hunt around the building for someone willing to vacate their office. • Our counselor has no private space in which to meet students. It's awkward at best and sometimes embarrassing for students who are most in need of privacy not to have a private space at difficult times. Dear Betsy has installed a makeshift sick room behind her bookshelf in order to make a semi-concealed space for students in physical or emotional distress. The creativity and dedication of my colleagues is inspiring, but it's time for change. I can speak for all of us when I urge you to contribute to the capital campaign, so we can have the building that will enable us to better fulfill the mission of the school. seaburysnapshots @seaburyacademy A Faculty Perspective: the Need for the Building on Our Mission Campaign Building on Our Mission Campaign Leadership

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