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February 20, 2013

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February 20, 2013 ��� AGATES FROM PAGE 27 ��� of translucency. While these ���jaspagates��� may confuse our de���nitions of them, they can also be some of the most beautiful and interesting specimens. Besides, they formed millions of years before we ever came along to assign the rules, anyway. Near to Quartzsite, several agate and jasper collecting locations can be found. Some beautiful agatized jaspers, dendritic agates, and ���normal��� agates and jaspers can be collected locally. An Agate called ���Patriotic��� because of its color combination can also be found near Quartzsite. For more information on agates and jaspers, as well as information and maps for the collecting sites, visit Rocks In My Head. We are open at Space A37 in Rice Ranch, 605-376-8754, www. We have a great selection of agates and jaspers, including gorgeous agatized jasper from Brenda and beautiful ���jaspagates��� from Alaska. We also carry books, supplies, tools, and more. BINGO FROM PAGE 11 what it is they do; they had their horses, quads, rescue vehicles, trailers, and of course, Molly their super trained search dog (she is a real sweetie, but sure knows her stuff when working). Patricia Smith, QIA Bingo organizer, along with her coworkers, as well as Sandy and Howard Andreasen and Cathy McGilvery from the Q.I.A. presented Bill Moore, coordinator of the Search and Rescue Unit, with a check for $1000 that will be used to buy tracking collars for the search dogs. Bill Moore thanked them all for their support, and Patty Smith wanted to make sure that everyone knows that the bingo staff and players made this all possible. Great job!!! Win a GPX MineLab 5000! And help a local prospector and MineLab Dealer in need. Bill Southern���s wife has terminal cancer and without any insurance, the bills have become overwhelming in just one week. Rob Allison, longtime friend and fellow MineLab dealer has arranged for a raf���e of a new MineLab GPX 5000 and several other prizes to help offset some of the medical expenses. Southern owns Nugget Shooter Store in Morristown, AZ, between Wickenburg and Sun City on Highway 60/89 (Grand Ave.) How to Send Payment - $25 per ticket, no limit: (1) Use Paypal - and send payment to this email address - Also, please comment that this is for the ���Bill Southern/GPX 5000 Donation��� fund. (2) You can go to any Bank of America bank in the US and deposit the funds directly into this account # - 457020655606 This account was recently set up strickly for this fund and will be closed when the raf���e ends and a Cashier���s Check will be written to Bill directly. If you deposit funds into the B of A account, please email Rob so he can keep records of who deposited what to make sure you get your ticket numbers. You can email Rob at - auplacers@yahoo. com if you have any questions. DENTURES $350 Full Set QUARTZSITE SNOWBIRD SPECIAL: ��� US Military trained w/ 30 plus years experience ��� Satisfaction Guaranteed! ��� Partials starting at $175 2012 Quartzsite Police Dept. Crime Stats Submitted by Jeff Gilbert Chief of Police During the calendar year of 2012, six hundred and sixty-nine (669) Department Reports (DR) were generated. The statistics indicate an approximate 18 % reduction in DRs generated from the previous year of eight hundred and eleven (811). Approximately 43% of these cases, two hundred and ninety (290) were cleared by an arrest. Included, were one hundred and twenty-four (124) criminal traf���c citations and ninety-seven (97) criminal citations. Misdemeanor arrests totaled two hundred and ���fty-two (252) with forty-four (44) felony arrests. There were nineteen (19) misdemeanor warrant arrests and ten (10) felony warrant arrests recorded. In addition to the total DRs, there were nine hundred and twelve (912) civil traf���c citations were issued. On an average year, the Department responds to more than ���ve thousand (5,000) calls for service generated through Central Dispatch and other responses by the police. Not all of these calls for service generate a report, to include minor disputes, alarm calls, unfounded reports, verbal traf���c offense warnings, traf���c problems, etc. As well, these ���gures do not account for all ���walk-in��� traf���c that is reported directly to the police department at the front window. These calls include general information to the public, V.I.N inspections, and public assistance. This type of traf���c generates between four (4) to ten (10) calls per day depending on the time of year. While the Department of Public Safety (DPS) is primarily responsible for accidents on Interstate 10 in our jurisdiction, the of���cers of the Quartzsite Police Department are often the ���rst responders. These accidents often involve fatalities and/or serious injuries and are very demanding and time consuming. Along with this, we are often the ���rst responders to hundreds of medical calls throughout the year. The Quartzsite Police Department currently has ten (10) full time patrol of���cers (including the Chief) that provides 24 hour shift coverage annually to a population of anywhere between thirty-eight hundred (3,800) year round residents, to estimates of more than one hundred thousand (100,000) at peak times. In addition to the ever ���uctuating population, our crime statistics and activity are generated by our geographical location along one of the major crossroads in the State. This being Interstate 10 and State Highway 95, which are documented drug traf���cking routes, which brings other criminal elements to our area as well. While the department has been faced with major challenges for the second year in a row, the department personnel carried on without any lack of service to the community, and effectively managed the large volume of calls for service. The Quartzsite Police Department collectively has nearly one hundred and ���fty years of experience among its current of���cers. The dedication, experience and commitment the of���cers display on a daily basis, is much for a community to be proud of. Quartzsite remains to be a very safe community with a relatively low crime rate when compared to the large population of people we serve annually. The Quartzsite Police Department works very hard at keeping our community a safe place to live, work, play and visit. Got something to share? Same Day Dentures and 1 Hour Reline/Repairs!! ��� Birth ��� Obituary ��� Anniversary Dental Laboratory Service Place it FREE in the: Desert Messenger! Call: 623-444-4013 ��� Goodyear, AZ Page 29 928-916-4235

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