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February 20, 2013

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February 20, 2013 ��� LETTERS FROM PAGE 4 Dog and pony show Circus Came To Town with the Dog and Pony Show! Most missed the Town Hall Meeting of February 13th. Fortunately, I was at Parker���s Master Gardening Class instead of the Town Hall, but working with adults was much better. Curious, I watched the video and saw more people on the town panel than in the audience. There were more questions than audience and mostly about P&Z. The very few townspeople there mentioned they saw panelists and Council members dropping questions into the box. What���s wrong��� Council Members and Interim Town Manager needed to know what they were going to answer? Instead, they decided character assassination was funny and professional. Or, was this all orchestrated? Should Council and Town employees be allowed to submit orchestrated questions? The Moderator, Skip Gallup, was allowed personal comments and one close friend was allowed lengthy discussions back and forth while no one else could. Laura Bruno���s Dog & Pony Show was to fuss over ���her��� Team, not Quartzsite���s, but ���hers���. She, one by one, improperly fondled their shoulders, praising each, except for skipping over Chief. She laughed with others as they put down the P&Z Commissioners. Council members Norma Crooks and Mike Jewitt giggled as erroneous questions were asked undoubtedly formed by their own. The unrelated answers were made up fallacies. They took liberties of persecuting people that weren���t there or could not speak for themselves. Yet one P&Z board member spoke, from audience, all he wanted CK! WE���RE BA ation! Same Loc CRAFTS and got a waterfall of gushing words from them. No one else is allowed to speak, remind you. Beth Praast bragged about her perfect prior P&Z, but we all know how much in���ghting went on then. She defamed our Commission with her comments. Shame. I am proud of our Board, all volunteers who spend long hours to give Council proper recommendations. This is the typical ���fairness��� of all our incompetent town government. Violet Kiss Resident, discom���ted with Town Management & Council Quartzsite Library Come ���check out��� what the Quartzsite library offers. We have a great selection of hardocover, paperback and large print books, magazines, and puzzles which you can check out for two weeks. DVDs, videos, audios, CDs, music cassettes are available for one week. In the Children���s Library there are Young Adult (YA) books. The Quartzsite Library has 18 computers, Wi Fi, and Ebooks. Copies are only 25�� and we Fax for $1/page. Check out the Sale Room where you can purchase hardcovers for 50��, paperbacks are only 25�� or 5/$1. Our helpful friendly staff is here to help. Billie, Betty, Penni and Laurie. Hours are Monday thru Friday, 8am5pm. Quartzsite Library is located at Town Hall, 465 N. Plymouth, Quartzsite. ARLENE���S We���re looking forward to seeing all our friends and customers! ��� Food bank seeks donations Folks leaving for north destinations, drop off your excess non-perishable food items at the Quartzsite Food Bank on Moon Mountain Ave., just north of the Senior Center. QIA Craft Fair 1st Sat. of every month! Daily Activities! BINGO FRIDAY NIGHTS Opens at 5pm. Early Birds 6:30pm. Main7pm Concessions Available 928-927-6325 235 E. Ironwood St., Quartzsite A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. Ayn Rand Just Rambling... I couldn���t hit a base ball, but I was quick on my feet. I could outrun bears, bulls and yellow jackets. I could run through hills and trees, pursued only by my imagination. At times my expectations became reality. However I couldn���t outrun my Mother���s long arm of discipline. Provided by Elmer London & Desert Messenger R & B ENTERPRISES Quartzsite Marketplace Space #27 50 E. Kuehn BEST PRICES IN TOWN! VIRGIN POLYPROPLENE RV MATS 12x8 $3900 ~ 16x8 $4900 NEW SMD LED Light Bulbs 5 Year FACTORY WARRANTY & YARN Several New Items ~ We now have Sachet Yarn! Tyson Wells Space #11 Page 19 Arlene & Dale 605-390-6379 135 wt Solar Panels $29500 235 wt. Solar Panels $39500 FREE RV MAT with Every Solar Panel Purchase Limited number available Solar Panel Lift - Raise & Lower Your Panels from within your RV & Increase Output by 80%. No more crawling upon your roof! Wiring, Brackets, Controllers & Installation Available

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