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February 20, 2013

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February 20, 2013 COUNCIL UPDATES by Shanana Rain Golden-Bear Quartzsite, Arizona - In a special meeting held Wed. February 6th, Quartzsite Town Council met to discuss the use of Town Letterhead in a communication written by Mayor Ed Foster, but not authorized or approved by the Town Council. Councilman Mark Orgeron requested council action after he obtained a copy of a letter sent by Foster on the town���s letterhead to Arizona Department of Public Safety Director Richard Halliday. In the letter, Foster alleges discrepancies in the 2012 DPS investigation of allegations Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert misused federal crime databases. Among other things, he claimed the ���ndings were not consistent with what was recorded in the interviews and alleged a large portion of one interview was missing. The DPS stated their investigation concluded there was not enough evidence to obtain a conviction against Gilbert. DPS stated there were also questions about the reliability of some witnesses. Council Approved: to direct Mayor Foster to ���le all previous correspondence sent on Town letterhead with the Town clerk for ���ling; for Mayor Foster to bring all written transmissions to be sent on town letterhead before the council for approval before mailing; that Interim Town Manager correspond with each recipient of this transmission and notify them this letter and any subsequent letter not signed by the council is 1) not approved by the council and does not re���ect the views or position of the Town, 2) Complete a public record request from each agency to cover the period of October 2012 through current. Motion Amended to include Arizona Attorney General and Governor. Motion amended to include Mayor return documents by close of business, Thursday, March 7, 2013 and direct Bruno to create a letter for agencies that includes the sign off of council members. Five in favor, one (Workman) opposed, Foster absent. During his ���rst term as mayor in 2010, Foster was accused of sending out letters and of requesting investigations of town of���cials without the consent of the council. The council censured him on Sept. 14, 2010 for similar actions. In a confusing meeting held Tuesday, February 12th, at 9am, Council members were asked to review, discuss and take possible direction regarding existing Boards, Committees and Commissions created by the Town Council. After the initial motion was made and seconded, discussion ensued. Mayor Foster then made another motion to direct staff to have a work session and for the Council and community to discuss this ordinances and structures of the boards and commissions. Motion seconded. Another motion was made to open the topic to the public, seconded and approved. After members of the public commented, council voted on Foster���s motion to hold work session. Just prior to adjournment, Violet Kiss stated that the Council never voted on the original motion. Council withdrew motion and second. ~ SOLAR SPECIAL! ~ 145 WATT SOLAR SYSTEM Installed $ 69900 Includes: 145 Watt Solar Panel, 30 Amp Digital Charge Controller, Tilt Mount Kit, Wire, etc. M & S Solar Electric O pen 9-5 Closed ys Sunda We accept SOLAR SYSTEM & INVERTER INSTALLATION / REPAIR credit cards! Drive 22 miles south for HUGE savings Page 17 In a special 1pm meeting on Wed. Feb. 15th, Council met for an executive session for discussion or consultation with the Defense Counsel in order to consider its position and instruct Defense Counsel regarding the Towns position regarding settlement discussions conducted in order to resolve pending litigation in the matter of former employee Karen Norris v. Town of Quartzsite. An unusual Notice of Possible Quorum was issued by Town Hall stating council members may attend the Planning & Zoning meeting at 2pm Wed. Feb. 15th, following Council���s special meeting. Four council members attended the board meeting, which was highly unusual. Over the past few years, Notice of Quarums have been issued for Town Hall Meetings, Parades, Coffee with Cops, Ice Cream Socials, Public Events, Candidate events, Hearings, etc. However, Town Hall issued their ���rst Notice of Quarum for any board meeting for the Dec. 18th P & Z meeting. (see Pg. 24) DRY CAMPING $6/night Dump & Water $12 In the rear of Silly Al���s Bar Ask for Mike D & B Leather BERTHA IS BACK! Leather as low as 50��/ft! 5,000 sq. ft. upholstery 3-4 oz brown! 5 diesel loads Garment Leather! Belts & Buckles Scrap Hides $2.00/lb. Two Big Locations QUARTZSITE, AZ Main St. and Tyson Wash (behind Dorothy & Toto Ice Cream) Open 7 days/week Nov. - mid-March 928-927-4077 BROAD ACRES SWAP MEET - LAS VEGAS, NV 2930 N. Las Vegas Blvd. (corner of Pecos) Every Sat. & Sun. 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