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March 20, 2019

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2 March 20, 2019 DEADLINE : WED. MARCH 27 H for the april 3 rd edition Desert Messenger News Email: 928-916-4235 Help keep snakes away from your home with the following tips: • Eliminate rodents — a snake's preferred food source — from around your home. • Move woodpiles and throw out junk from your yard to remove potential homes for snakes and their prey. • Erecting a wall will deter snakes from entering your yard. Solid walls 4 feet high with a 4-inch lip an- gling outward will discourage most snakes. Sink the bottom of the wall into the ground. Fill any tunnels burrowed by rodents. • Install gates snug against the ground. • Keep walkways clear of brush. • Light pathways around your home. Bull snakes are often mistaken for rattlesnakes due to color. They can hiss and act like rattlesnakes and use it as defense. Their heads are different shaped than rattlesnakes (round and same size as neck not triangle with a smaller neck) and they don't have rattles. They will kill rattlesnakes and pests. Quartzsite Fire Dept. reminded residents: "If you see any snake on your property give us a call and we'll come out." If the snake is determined to be poi- sonous and it is located inside your home or garage, or at the entrance to your home, call Quartzsite Fire Department's non-emergency number at 928-927-6556. In either case, be sure to keep track of the snake's movement, so that it can be found and relocated. 6 tips to keep home safe against snakes 1265 W. Main St., Quartzsite West of McDonald's • 928-927-6014 Times Three Family Restaurant Thank you for another wonderful season in Quartzsite! Our last day of the season will be March 31 st Have a great summer and we'll see you on October 1 st Free WiFi Laundry 133 Sites Pets Welcome Live Music Card Night Monthly Rates Club House Monthly Rates FREE CLASSIFIEDS Desert Messenger offers FREE Classifi ed Ads! HERE'S THE SMALL PRINT: Items for sale under $1000. Private Party Only. 1 per month. Yard/Ga- rage/Craft Sales, Wanted, Give-a-ways, Free, Lost & Found, etc. (non-commercial) For more information, contact Rain at 928-916-4235 or Email:

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