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Honorary Chairman ($20,000 and above) Cheri De Jong, ΣΚ and Donald De Jong, ΑΓΡ Michael Greenberg, ΣΧ and Christina McFaul-Greenberg Kevin O'Neill, ΛΧΑ and Patty O'Neill, ΑΔΠ Cindy Stellhorn, ΚΑΘ and Jeff Stellhorn, ΣΦΕ Honorary Board of Directors ($10,000 to $19,999) Eric Jayaweera, ΘΧ Ned Kirklin, ΚΣ Jeff Muir, ΣΧ Vicki Nixon, ΔΓ Howard Pickett, ΣΝ Dan Shaver, ΣΧ Katie Vlietstra Wonnenberg, ΦΣΣ Founders Society ($5,000 to $9,999) Julie Burkhard, ΑΧΩ Donna Chereck, ΑΧΩ and Robert Chereck, ΔΤΔ Pris Gerde, ΚΚΓ Richard Jungman, ΦΣΚ Dana Katz, ΑΕΦ and Marc Katz, ΑΕΠ Brian Vincent, ΔΣΦ Charter Members ($2,500 to $4,999) Patrick Alderdice, ΔΧ Natalie Averette, ΣΣΣ Susan Bevan, ΑΦ Maureen Carnevale, ΑΔΠ Kitty deKieffer, ΑΧΩ Lynna Do, ΔΦΕ Richard Jungman, ΦΣΚ Val Lawlor, ΑΦ Ben Satcher, KA Order Brian Vincent, ΔΣΦ Bonnie Wunsch, ΑΕΦ Legacy Members ($1,000 to $2,499) David Ashinoff, ΣΧ Blaine Ayers, ΣΑΕ Andrea Bechtel, ΧΩ Kelly Bingel, ΧΩ Christy Phillips Brown, ΔΖ Crystal Combs, ΑΟΠ Laurie Connor, ΚΑΘ Dan Corah, ΠΚΑ Elizabeth (Betsy) Corridan, ΚΑΘ Kelly Crompton, ΑΔΠ Tom Decker, ΔΣΦ Laura Doerre, ΚΑΘ Kori Whitener Fellows, ΑΧΩ Gail Fitzpatrick, ΑΟΠ Kathryn Goddard, ΑΔΠ Phyllis Grissom, ΔΔΔ Kathi Heatherly, ΔΖ Lynne Herndon, ΑΧΩ Micaela Isler, ΑΞΔ Jill Javors, ΑΧΩ Patrick Jessee, ΔΣΦ Annabel Jones, ΓΦΒ Carole Jones, ΑΟΠ and George Jones, KA Order Beth Langford, ΚΔ Sarah Lindsay, ΔΔΔ Greg Louer, ΤΕΦ Jan Maisch, ΑΔΠ Mike Mayer, ΘΧ Cindy Menges, ΔΖ Frances Mitchelson, ΦΜ and Kevin Mitchelson, ΦΓΔ Glenn Moor, ΦΓΔ Herb Morgan, ΘΧ Jean Mrasek, ΧΩ Paul Norcross, ΖΒΤ Phillip Perry, ΣΧ Betty Quick, ΓΦΒ Christine Rocchio, ΔΓ Tobin Roth, ΘΧ James Schmuck, KA Order and Judy Schmuck, ΑΧΩ Dan Shorts, ΔΤΔ Wynn Smiley, ΑΤΩ Donna Stallard, ΦΜ Diane Stetcher, ΔΖ Cynthia Thawley, ΑΦ Mark Timmes, ΠΚΦ Shanna Ullmann, ΑΧΩ Dian Volkmer, ΑΟΠ Larry Wiese, KA Order Leslie Williams, ΔΖ Honorary Members ($500 to $999) Ashley Anderson, ΔΖ Kerry Armstrong, ΑΤΩ Mark Baker, ΧΩ Brad Beacham, ΣΝ Ann Bordelon, ΔΓ Cathie Cardelucci, ΚΑΘ Michael Church, ΣΧ Danielle Durocher, ΑΧΩ Emily Erkel, ΑΔΠ Jim Estes, KA Order Ann-Marie Fontaine, ΣΚ Millard Gensler Heather Hanner, ΔΖ Leah Hartman, ΚΑΘ Jordan King, ΠΚΑ Jill Lacy, ΑΧΩ Steve Malachowski, ΣΝ Christi Mayer, ΔΖ Eugene McKinney, ΔΥ Bonnie Myshrall, ΑΦ Claudia Nemir, ΦΜ George Norman, ΦΓΔ Julie Pawelczyk, ΓΦΒ Clark Robertson, ΦΓΔ Jerry Rosenbaum, ΠΚΦ Michelle Schimberg, ΔΔΔ Thomas Schneider, ΑΤΩ Paula Shepherd, ΠΒΦ Stacey Slaughter, ΔΖ Michelle Smith, ΔΖ Patricia Spence, ΚΔ Jeanie Triplett, ΔΖ Mandy Wushinske, ΚΑΘ Donors ($200 to $499) Stephen Ash Catherine Bibb, ΚΑΘ Mikelle Brady, ΑΧΩ Darick Brown, ΘΧ Tim Burke, ΦΔΘ Janet Calhoon, ΔΓ Karen Campbell, ΔΖ Heather Carrio, ΑΧΩ Jeff Charnley, ΣΧ TJ Condon, ΚΑΘ Jody Corry, ΚΔ Jennifer Daurora, ΑΧΩ Mwalt Davis, ΘΧ Amy Davenport, ΖΤΑ Christine Del Favero, ΧΩ Jane Dick, ΚΑΘ Mark English, ΔΤΔ Scott Erickson Jerry Fields, ΣΝ Katie Gaffin, ΑΧΩ Anne Marie Gavin, ΔΖ Cassie Gerhardt, ΧΩ Marsha Grady, ΑΧΩ Lorraine Graybill, ΔΓ Jaynee Groseth, ΚΔ Carol Harman, ΔΓ Angela Harris, ΑΧΩ R. Scott Heath, KA Order Jennifer Hohman, ΣΚ Janis Hurter, ΑΧΩ Elaine Jeffers, ΔΖ Gina Jones, ΠΒΦ Mark Pat Lampke, ΑΧΩ David Lawrence Jon Lehmann, ΔΥ Malcom Liles, KA Order Susan Mickelberg, ΚΔ Bonnie Myshrall, ΑΦ Pamela Nix, ΚΔ Kelly Pelletier, ΑΔΠ Kim Phillips, ΑΧΩ Kristin Power, ΚΔ Amy Rabideau, ΚΔ Nicole Regilio, ΚΔ Jodi Scheurenbrand, ΚΔ Eric Showalter, KA Order Bill Skipper, KA Order Alice Snedeker, ΑΧΩ Barbara Stacy, ΚΔ Susan Stockton, ΚΔ Tove Thomas, ΚΔ Lindsay Vise, ΑΧΩ Sarah Wagaman, ΑΟΠ Wilma Wilbanks, ΔΓ Michael Wilson, KA Order Susan Wilson, ΑΧΩ Α Β Γ Δ Ε Ζ Η Θ Ι Κ Λ Μ Ν Ξ Ο Π Ρ ΣΤ ΥΦ Χ Ψ Ω the Fraternity and Sorority Preserving the Greek experience for 2 FSPAC DONOR HONOR ROLL 2019-2020 Cycle Contributors as of February 20, 2019 T he following generous donors have pledged and/or made contributions to the FSPAC. This Honor Roll lists only donors of $200 or more in a calendar year. By law, FSPAC must disclose the identity of anyone giving at this level. Because donors of other amounts are not legally required to be disclosed, we respect their privacy and do not include their names in our publicly available information. YOU CAN MAKE A GIFT TODAY! Go to www.fspac.org and click the Donate button. Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, address, occupation, and name of employer of each individual whose contributions are $200 or more in a calendar year. Contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. The maximum an individual may contribute is $5,000 per calendar year. Corporations and foreign nationals without green cards are prohibited from contributing.

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