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Beta Pi Chapter with the John Reily Knox Award, earned in the 2017-2018 school year and awarded at the 2018 summer national convention. CHAPTER WINS ANOTHER KNOX! A P u b l i c A t i o n o f t h e b e t A t h e t A P i S o c i e t y o f M i n n e S o t A the betA Piper FALL 2018 W alking through Territorial Hall, Jeremy Weidman '03 recalls the high praises he heard of Beta Theta Pi. Some of his best friends who lived in the residence hall with him joined Beta. He was looking to be a part of something bigger and experience new things. "I attended a couple recruiting events at the house and had a great connection with all the guys." It was a perfect match. Jeremy remembers going on weekend retreats to a brother's parents' house, playing football, cooking meals for 50 guys, setting goals, and celebrating Beta's lore and heritage. "I also loved walking over to Mariucci Area in below zero weather with about 15 Betas. We were even fortunate enough to watch the Gophers win two national championships." To this day, Beta Pi has impacted almost every aspect of Jeremy's life. "My brothers were amazing. They challenged me to believe in myself more than I did and to try new things outside of my comfort zone. I knew that I would have a great time in the chapter during my time as an undergrad. What I did not realize at the time was that the connections that I made would help me land my first job, meet my amazing wife, and be the primary reason I come back to Minneapolis after moving away. Because of Beta, I have traveled more, moved three times for work, and pushed myself harder in my career." Jeremy continues to support Beta Pi because he saw some amazing alumni lend their support while he was an undergrad. "Leaders like Mike Loehrer '68, Bob Schnase '83, Jim Curtis '86, and Scott Allen '95 made my experience as a Beta much better. Once we had entered the workforce my wife, Andrea, and I felt it was important to try and do the same as these great men. During my undergraduate years in Beta Pi, I knew that I was participating in something great. I look back at that time and all I feel is gratitude and pride. I am so thankful for the gift of my lifelong friends and I am so proud to be a Beta." One alumnus who had a tremendous impact on Jeremy's time at Minnesota was Scott Heineman '03. They were next-door neighbors at Territorial Hall and roommates for three years. "He is one of the most dedicated men I have ever met. He has made the most impact on me as an individual. Scott's ethics, values and commitment to the fraternity are unmatched. Scott was a key influencer in getting the chapter to Oxford for initiation every year." Jeremy stays connected with many of his brothers from his collegiate years. "My core group of friends from Beta are spread over many parts of the country so we plan a couple different annual trips that include skiing, golfing, fishing, and Vegas. I see my best friends 3-4 times a year during these trips." After graduating with a bachelor's of arts in communication, Jeremy began working at Target in store leadership. After 10 years he left to work for Apple. Jeremy has been married to his wife, Andrea, for 12 years. They have three children, Madelyn (7), Zachary (4), and Hazel (2). Jeremy currently lives in Seattle, Wash., and is a store leader for Apple. You can connect with Jeremy at weidman1634@ HOW BETA THETA PI SET ME UP FOR SUCCESS Jeremy Weidman '03 Reflects on His Time in Beta Pi

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