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The KnighT erranT PAGE 2 T he Emerging Leaders Academy (ELA) kicked off its second session this summer at Cornell University where we welcomed 34 undergraduates from 18 different chapters and colonies to Ithaca, New York. The Purpose of ELA is to de- velop leadership skills in younger mem- bers that they may contribute to their fraternity experience, and their personal/ professional life. As a result of participat- ing in the program, our emerging lead- ers have gained a stronger connection to the Delta Chi ritual, feel more prepared to take on a leadership role within their chapter/colony, and have a plan that they can utilize to implement positive change. Of those who attended ELA in 2017, 50% of members went on to hold an officer role within their chapter/colony. We expect continued growth in this area as ELA grows and develops. Because of this shared suc- cess, 13 of the 18 chapters/colonies that were represented this year had never had representation at ELA before. The im- pact of this program is spreading rapidly throughout the Fraternity. As a result of this, we are seeing an increase in partici- pation with some of our other educational initiatives such as the Regional Leadership Conferences and online webinars. ELA has been a magnet for our emerging leaders that are eagerly seeking to de- velop their leadership skills; Delta Chi has served as a platform for this development as a result of the Emerging Leaders Acad- emy. This program is allowing us to reach new leaders and help them channel their energy into developing a chapter/colony that lives out the vision of Delta Chi. The Delta Chi Educational Foundation supports the ELA through grants made to support the running of this wonderful program. In 2017, the DCEF granted over $30,000 to help kick off the inaugural year. At Convention, the DCEF board set a goal to fund 25 scholarships ($650) for qualified students to attend the Emerg- ing Leaders Academy by June 1, 2019. • Each scholarship covers the cost of the student's four-day experience. • Each scholarship is valued at $650 per year, and we prefer that donors make a three-year commitment, which totals $1,950. Scholarships may be named by the do- nor, and reserved for a student from your chapter, with the caveat that the scholar- ship may be awarded to another student in your chapter's region if no one applies from your chapter. Interested in learning more about ELA? Visit for a short video and information about how you can support the program. DCEF in his honor. He then agreed to make a matching gift! Over $5,000 in stickers were purchased for Greg and he wore the nearly covered robe proudly. Thanks for all you do for Delta Chi, Brother Hauser! We held our first Trustee Society Experience. We honored and thanked our Trustee Society members (those that donate over $1,000 unrestricted each year) with a trip to the historic Stanley Hotel in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado. We filled a 54-passenger bus full of Trustees and had a great time taking in the scenery up to the Stanley. We took a tour of the Stanley and had breakfast together, followed by a picture similar to that of our 1929 Con- vention at the same location. The fundraiser hosted by Brother Rod Arnold, Texas A&M '88, was a huge success in raising money for our Endowment! Brother Arnold, along with bourbon connoisseur, Fred Minnick, Oklahoma State '01, led an exclusive event in which we learned history and how to properly taste and savor fine bourbon. This event raised over $61,000 for the Endowment Fund. Way to go, 61st International Convention (Continued from page 1) Top: ELA attendees spent time in small groups talking about what it means to be a leader. Middle: Attendees participated in an obstacle course challenge as team building and learned how to motivate each other. Bottom: Two at- tendees climb the rock wall on the obstacle course. The Emerging Leaders Academy Finds More Success in Its Second Year William Vollbracht, Kansas '60, (third from left) was the guest of honor and Delta Chi of the Year. He is a New Founder donor and is a wonderful man of character. Rod, and thank you to all the donors who helped us make such a huge leap forward in supporting Delta Chi! After a successful 61st International Convention, we're already looking forward to the 62nd International Convention to be held in St. Louis in 2020. We hope to see you there!

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