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Alpha-Phi Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha at the University of Alabama

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Connect with Alpha-Phi Zeta Online LCA Alpha-Phi Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha House Corporation P.O. Box 1296 Tuscaloosa, AL 35403 Address Service Requested Tradition The High Alpha Ryan Siegfried, AΦ1781 Johns Creek, Ga. High Beta Stephen Poteracki, AΦ1776 Pell City, Ala. High Theta Ethan Haynie, AΦ1839 St. Augustine, Fla. High Gamma Noah Murphy, AΦ1863 Lexington, Ky. High Tau Ross D'Entremont, AΦ1786 Beaumont, Texas High Iota Quinton Hughes, AΦ1854 Danville, Calif. High Rho Maxwell Lush, AΦ1814 Denver, Colo. High Kappa Dylan Champagne, AΦ1841 Port Jefferson Station, N.Y. High Delta Nate Chattos, AΦ1818 Edmond, Okla. High Epsilon Nick Diaz, AΦ1848 Huntington Beach, Calif. High Phi Reed Schwartz, AΦ1809 Fayette, Ala. High Sigma Reed Morley, AΦ1815 Chicago, Ill. Standards Chairman Christopher Portante, AΦ1812 Birmingham, Ala. House Manager Maxwell Duggan, AΦ1846 Denver, Colo. Executive Members-at-Large Benjamin Carlson, AΦ1787 Downers Grove, Ill. Sebastian Duva, AΦ1820 Cherry Hill, N.J. Chapter Officers SAVE THE DATE Homecoming | October 13 Alabama vs. Missouri

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