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Alpha-Phi Zeta 3 W e wish to thank the following alumni and friends for donating $6,266 to our annual campaign in the fall, listed below by their lifetime giving totals to the annual campaign. Your recent generous donations help ensure that our Chapter House is well maintained so that the undergraduate brothers can keep recruiting the best and brightest at UA. If an error has been made in recording your gift, or your name has been mistakenly omitted or listed improperly, we sincerely apologize. Please advise Wayne Keith, AΦ775 so that we may make the correction. He can be reached at 1917 Club ($5,000 and above) Charles K. McPherson, AΦ610 Vir Quisque Vir Club ($2,500 to $4,999) Alton R. Brown III, AΦ827 John M. Perry, AΦ1144 Purple Club ($1,000 to $2,499) James S. Nolen, AΦ659 George H. Jones, AΦ673 John F. Ellis, AΦ686 Terry J. Falkner, AΦ711 Donald R. Rhea, AΦ859 Green Club ($500 to $999) Bobby Ray Hicks, AΦ520 Jimmy L. Dickinson, AΦ647 P. Rodney Ross, AΦ682 David J. Wassermann, AΦ901 Robert G. Baumhower, AΦ1368 Gold Club ($100 to $499) Robert B. Bowling, AΦ613 Charles G. Eggart, AΦ683 Rex W. Renz, AΦ712 Keith "Philly" Morris, AΦ1238 Taylor A. George, AΦ1400 Andrew Aniszewski, AΦ1903 Austin, Texas Trevor Antin, AΦ1869 Los Angeles, Calif. Davis Bandi, AΦ1882 Charlotte, N.C. Alec Beuckman, AΦ1904* Alpharetta, Ga. Colin Borneman, AΦ1894 Philadelphia, Pa. Evan Boucher, AΦ1877* Manchester, Canada Nicholas Bridgeman, AΦ1866 Boston, Mass. Clayton Faulconer, AΦ1884 Tyler, Texas Matthew Gagliardi, AΦ1901 Birmingham, Ala. Tony Gambino, AΦ1889 Chicago, Ill. Nate Greene, AΦ1864 Walnut Creek, Calif. Lucas Gross, AΦ1879 Nashville, Tenn. Trey Hamilton, AΦ1902 Birmingham, Ala. Parker Hanks, AΦ1886 Huntsville, Ala. Tripp Hannah AΦ1895 Dallas, Texas Matthew Harrison, AΦ1897* Birmingham, Ala. Jeremy Hughes, AΦ1880 Helena, Ala. Ash Hurdle, AΦ1865 Oxford, Miss. Cole Johnson, AΦ1899 Birmingham, Ala. Christian Lineberry, AΦ1890 Houston, Texas Brantley Lowery, AΦ1896* Birmingham, Ala. Jon Maiorana, AΦ1892 Philadelphia, Pa. Matthew Marquet, AΦ1876 Birmingham, Ala. Dakota Messer, AΦ1875 Charlotte, N.C. Noah Murphy, AΦ1863* Lexington, Ky. Bret Nelson, AΦ1878 Alpharetta, Ga. Nicolas Roa, AΦ1898 Houston, Texas Sydney Ridgway, AΦ1868 Birmingham, Ala. Nicholas Seacat, AΦ1887 Las Cruces, N.M. Nicholas Smolda, AΦ1893 Philadelphia, Pa. Jonathan Spears, AΦ1881 Pell City, Ala. Matteo Taraborrelli, AΦ1872 Long Island, N.Y. Sean Terry, AΦ1888 Philadelphia, Pa. James Upham, AΦ1867 Ashville, N.C. Jack Van Dyk, AΦ1883 Orlando, Fla. Jay Vickers, AΦ1885 Birmingham, Ala. Jack Ward, AΦ1900 IndianAΦolis, Ind. Mason Wasson, AΦ1874 Tyler, Texas Jake Whitehouse, AΦ1871 Buffalo, N.Y. Bryan Wiedersum, AΦ1891 Boca Raton, Fla. *Legacy William F. Nelson, AΦ543 retired from NASA Johnson Space Center and enjoys the good life in east Texas. E-mail: Kenneth E. Smith, AΦ652 retired in April 2017. He was an insurance agent for more than 30 years and owned a hardware store for 18. He and his wife, Jane, live in Bessemer, Ala., and have two children, Ken Jr. and Melissa. E-mail: Jefferson G. Zeanah, AΦ896 and his wife, Susan, live in Atlanta, Ga. He recently reunited with fellow brother Dan Brown, AΦ904 for the SEC Championship and Atlanta Hawks game. E-mail: Welcome, New Members ALUMNI NEWS Thank You, Loyal Alumni

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