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2 Lambda Chi Alpha Father. Son. Brother. Tim and Eric Vaughn on Their Lambda Chi Legacy that I'm retired I hope to give back a little more." Eric takes pride in his membership and the men who walked through those doors alongside him. In a time where Greek life can easily be painted with a negative broad stroke, Eric rests assured that his brothers are some of the best men he knows. "My brothers are upstanding citizens with a solid moral code. I'm proud of what they have accomplished since graduation. My Fraternity brothers have always been motivated to succeed, and I have no doubt that they will continue to have both great personal and career successes," Eric said. He continued, "I am truly grateful for Lambda Chi Alpha for both the experience and the friend- ships I made along the way. Your undergraduate years are a defining period for most; when you leave your family and hope to find a different family that will provide the same love and sup- port. There is no other group of guys that I would have chosen to befriend. I made a great decision and don't regret the choice I made in the least." Eric lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and recently earned his PharmD from Mercer University. He is an infusion pharmacist taking care of patients who are discharged from the hospital and require intra- venous (IV) therapy and compounding IV drugs for home use, and he coordinates with hospitals, physicians, and nurses for the duration of therapy. He and his girlfriend enjoy exploring Atlanta, and like his father, Eric is an avid Alabama sports fan. You can contact Eric at Tim and his wife, Paige, live in Huntsville, Alabama. In addition to Eric, they have another son, Russell, who lives in Prescott, Arizona, working with a drug rehabilitation center. Tim recently retired from a 32-year career with NASA at Marshall Space Flight Center. "I was the chief of the metals engineering division for the last 12 years of my 32-year career. My division was responsible for conducting failure analyses on various space hardware problems and failures, the selection of the metallic materials used for our hardware, and selection of the manufac- turing and process development for that hard- ware. We were also responsible for developing new metallic materials as well as testing new materials in microgravity on the International Space Station. But I'd say other than the won- derful, scary-smart people that I worked with, the highlight of my career was being respon- sible for developing the Advanced Welding and Manufacturing Development Center." Tim and Paige are involved in their church and lead the outreach committee at All Saints Lutheran Church in Huntsville, where Tim is also the financial secretary. He's also the vice chairman of the board of directors for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Alabama. In his spare time, he plans to start keeping honeybees. "They're abso- lutely fascinating animals." You can connect with Tim at Continued from page 1 T his year Alpha-Phi Zeta was proud to initiate 40 new members into the lifelong brotherhood of Lambda Chi Alpha. In the fall, four of these 40 young men were selected to serve on the prestigious Student Government Association's First- Year Council. These young men have been serving as leaders not only in our Chapter, but on campus as well. We look forward to all that they will accomplish in the next few years. We would also like to highlight the outstanding accomplishments of one of our undergraduate brothers, Ross D'Entremont, AΦ1786. Ross is a junior at the Capstone, and not only was he awarded a grant to fight drug abuse on campus, but he was also named Most Outstanding Junior for the University, and has raised more than $25,000 for a new center to help those affected by sexual assault. He was also elected to his second term in the Student Government Association as the vice president for academic affairs. We cannot express how proud we are of Ross and all that he has achieved during his time as a collegiate brother of Lambda Chi Alpha. I am excited for this upcoming year and anticipate yet another successful Crimson Tide football season. As always, we are incredibly thankful for the continued support and generosity of our alumni, and we look forward to seeing you and your families this coming fall. In ZAX, Ryan Siegfried, AΦ1781 High Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha Members Exhibit Outstanding Work This Spring (1) Bailey Cothren, AΦ1775 and Brandon Brower, AΦ1789 setting up this year's annual luau. (2) Ross D'Entremont, AΦ1786 and Dr. Jacqueline Morgan, associate dean of the Honors College and director of the University Fellows Experience. (3) Congratulations to Stephen Lair, AΦ1709, who was awarded the ChBE Outstanding Senior award for the University of Alabama's Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. 1 2 3

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