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Sighs of Psi Delta Kappa Epsilon House Corporation P.O. Box 1789 Tuscaloosa, AL 35403 Address Service Requested ALUMNI NEWS Mystic Circle Stewart Welch Jr. '37 entered the Mystic Circle in August, at the age of 98. After graduating from UA, Stewart served in the U.S. Army as a captain. He and his wife, Sally Baker, were married 64 years before her death. Stewart leaves behind his three children, Jean, Babs, and Stewart; four grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. Marion H. Lyons Jr. '59 entered the Mystic Circle in February. His company, Lyons Insurance, served the court system for many years. Marion is survived by his wife, Carolyn, and children, George and Marion III. Richard Deas '73 entered the Mystic Circle on February 23. He is survived by his wife, Gail, and children, Richard and Maibeth. Alumni News Peter Hamilton Jr. '51 is retired and moved to Point Clear, Ala., where he loves it! Russell Scott '57 is retired and enjoying life while "living on the narrows" in Mary Esther, Fla., 37 miles east of Pensacola. Dr. Edward Williams III '10 and his wife, Tammy, were married in April, and live in Brent, Ala. Edward is now a second-year medical resident at Cahaba Medical Center and enjoys hunting, fishing, and watching UA football. E-mail: Davis Vaughn '14 is a law student at Ole Miss and previously interned at Troutman Sanders in Atlanta and Bradley in Birmingham. He will graduate in December. E-mail: Paul Collins '16 lives in Atlanta, Ga., and works at a private firm called Peachtree Wealth Advisors. E-mail: F rom September 16-18 of this fall the Psi Deke class of 1982 successfully completed their fourth reunion in 35 years. This gathering took place in Grayton beach underneath sunny skies on shimmering water which no one noticed. The brothers concentrated on football, half true stories, Blade's Redfish, Orv's potato peeler, Tommy Adger's sausage, Lynn's cheese dip, and LB's singing. Everyone was delighted to learn that Harmon can now play at least one song all the way to the end. Saturday evening the brothers had to leave the Red Bar after single women began to pester Johnny D, whose tan compression socks were causing a stir. The Class of '82 would like to thank Fox Brothers Barbecue, O'Douls, The Rosemary Harmon Cup Company, John C who brought us all together, Senator Pittman who is off swamp duty, and of course, our fearless leader EJ Fung Fu fighting Pierce. Not all of the brothers were able to make it and they were sorely missed. Also missed were brothers Timmy Hasser and Jimmy Willings who entered the mystic circle long ago but will never be forgotten. Psi Deke Class of 1982 Reunites at Grayton Beach Front row: Mac "Blade" Barbour III Second row, from left: Tom Nielsen, Richard Nolen, Robbie "EJ" Pierce Jr., John Calhoun III, Duggan Ellis, Orville Smith Third row, from left: Bill "LB" Pound, Jim Harmon, Scott Bowman, Tom Adger, Lee Hurley, Trip Pittman, Johnny Delchamps Fourth row: Trip Pittman, Johnny Delchamps Rear: Semmes Favrot

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