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FA R M H O U S E F R AT E R N I T Y * WA S H I N G T O N S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y * FA L L 2 0 1 7 H ello, brothers! I hope that everyone had a fun and fruitful summer and is ready for some great Cougar football this fall. One of the big projects that the association tack- led over the summer was maintenance on the an- nex rental. It has been 12 years since the house was brought back to life as a rental and in that time, years of renters had made some work nec- essary to return it to top condition. With that in mind, we built in a two-week period between last year's renters and this year's renters to ac- complish this work. During that time, we hauled off all of the junk le from past renters; replaced most of the interior doors, five failed heaters, and all of the interior carpet; painted the front porch; and put a new coat of paint on the entire interior, as well as what seemed like hundreds of smaller tasks. It was a busy few weeks, but work was done in time for the new renters and the house is again in a condition that we can be proud of. Further- more, the active chapter was able to work off one month's rent still owed from last year by provid- ing the labor for the painting, a win for both the active chapter and the association. Alumni Reconnect Across the Pacific Northwest We did find some time to have fun this summer as well. Eric Hausken '98 organized a family camping trip and barbecue at Sun Lakes in cen- tral Washington over the Father's Day weekend that was well attended. By all accounts it was a very fun weekend and provided the opportuni- ty for some alumni to reconnect who had not seen each other in years. Eric also organized a picnic just outside of Portland and Brian Tisch '98 organized a Tacoma Rainers baseball alumni event. e goal was to bring the alumni events to other areas of the Pacific Northwest. While the attendance of these events was not as robust Alumni Association Completes Summer Projects Reconnect is Fall at Homecoming on October 21 as we had hoped, those who did attend had a great time. In the future, we would like to con- tinue holding regional alumni events as a way to reconnect with our ever-growing alumni base across the state. If you have an idea (or better yet, would like to host an event, please reach out to Eric at Alumni Association Provides Undergraduate Support As fall gets underway, the association continues to work with the chapter to strengthen the busi- ness systems within the house. Some key points that that we have offered guidance on are rebuild- ing some of the financial budgeting and report- ing systems that have been lost in past years and also reviewing and clarifying wording on several contracts that are unclear and cause confusion. We have also helped the chapter contract with a collections agency as a last resort tool to collect on delinquent accounts le by former members who have indicated they have no intention of honoring their financial commitments. All of these have been great learning opportunities for the members of the chapter executive board who are working to rebuild an emphasis on the sound running of the fraternity business, ensuring there will be a chapter for future generations. Annual Fall Meeting October 21 Looking to the near future, our annual fall meet- ing at the chapter house in Pullman is during Homecoming weekend on October 21. e meet- ing will start at 9:30 a.m. with coffee beforehand (please note, this time may be subject to change if an early game time is announced). We hope to see you there for a quick business meeting and to reconnect with the house, our active members, and other alumni. Go Cougs! Dave Soler '03 Alumni Association President Brothers helped complete necessary updates to the annex over the summer.

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