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The Indiana Gram Indiana Gamma Cycling Finishes in the Top Five for Third Year in a Row D uring the 2017 Little 500, ΣAE Gamma Cycling battled fierce com- petition in the 200-lap event. With 30 laps to go, the pace quick- ened and teams strategically waited for an opportune moment to seize first place. On lap 172, Ryan Tuffnell '18 crashed into the rear wheel of a braking ΒΘΠ rider. Despite the setback, we made a valiant effort to recover. As ΣAE picked themselves up, the competition saw an opportunity to put distance be- tween the lead pack and the pole winning ΣAE team. Joe Krahulik '18 did an amazing job to close the gap, but 28 fast finishing laps turned out to be not enough time for us to completely recover. The top five finish- ers were: 1. Black Key Bulls* 2. Gray Goat* 3. Cutters* 4. Beta Theta Pi 5. Sigma Alpha Epsilon *pure cycling team Despite the crash, a fifth-place finish was a tremendous outcome and the three rookies contributed with considerable effort. We will continue practicing to excel in the next competition. ΣAE Gamma Cycling has had three top five finishes: fourth in 2015, second in 2016, and fifth in 2017. Previously, ΔTΔ in 2016 and ΣΦΕ and ΒΘΠ in 2015 finished faster than Indiana Gamma. However, only ΒΘΠ finished faster this year. Alumni should be proud that ΣAE Gam- ma Cycling is one of the best Little 500 fraternity cycling teams at Indiana University. Our riders, Sean Marks '18, Ryan Tuffnell '18, Nolan Filchak'19, and Joe Krahulik '18, have been practicing hard and will return this year. The team captain, Joe, was named Rookie of the Year his freshman year and was recently named All-Star Rider for his second consecu- tive year. The pre-race tailgate was also a success. Brothers, families, and friends socialized, ate burgers, and sipped on their favorite beverage. People came from across the country to support our beloved bike team. Delta Gamma class of 1979 simultaneously attended their class reunion and the tailgate to show their support. Thanks to Andy Krahulik '16, Travis Verhoff '15, and others for helping with the tailgate. We always like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank our alumni for their continued support. Support from alumni allows us to train as an elite cycling team. If you would like to attend the cycling tailgate and race, put April 21, 2018, in your calendar. ΣAE Gamma Cycling appreci- ates the support. Phi Alpha, David "Bear" Barrick '79 Jim "Fish" Fissinger '83 Daniel Burns '03 Travis Verhoff '15 Andy "Beast" Krahulik '16 ALUMNI ADDRESS WATER DAMAGE IN CHAPTER Support Needed to Overcome Obstacles I am writing to bring you up to date on the status of the Chapter house. As you may be aware, there is substantial water infiltration damage that has adversely affected our newly constructed house. This is a very complicated situation that I believe the ΣΑΕ Financial and Housing Corporation is dealing with as expeditiously as possible. I should also add that Steve Mitchell '83, the current house corpora- tion president, is doing a great job keeping matters moving along. Unfortunately, we are in the throes of a very robust construction up- turn, and it is difficult to obtain bids from qualified entities able to con- struct to our satisfaction and consistent with our timing challenges. ΣΑΕ Financial and Housing Corporation has put forth a bid for the construction that will be necessary and we hope in the next week or two we will receive qualified bids that we can accept. On the other hand, if they are not qualified, then we will have no choice but to have the young men continue to live in the house that is under con- struction until such time as we can complete the rehabilitation. Rest assured, we will not allow anyone to live in an environment that is unsafe or unhealthy. Again, I ask for your patience because this is a complicated com- mercial litigation matter involving our original general contractor as well as several subcontractors. We will continue to keep you up- dated as matters are resolved. I am a 1972 alumnus of Indiana Gamma. I remember at the start of my junior year in college our fraternity house, the original Jordan Crest Gables, suffered a fire that resulted in the demolition of that house. Although it is with fondness, and a certain amount of sadness, that I look back upon those events, the brothers of Indiana Gamma were very resilient (as I am sure they are today) and were able to withstand the dif- ficulties of being somewhat displaced in a positive manner. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Phi Alpha, David W. Gray '72 Nolan Filchak '19, Ryan Tuffnell '18, Sean Marks '18, and Joe Krahulik '18 huddle together after placing fifth in the Little 500 bike race.

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