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The Delta Prose St. Anthony Hall at the University of Pennsylvania Letter from the DAA President Delta Campaign Gains Momentum, 3637 Locust Walk to Receive Notable Renovations This Summer T he five-year Delta Campaign has made excellent strides over the last few months and we are pleased to share that we have raised more than $1.7 million toward our campaign goal of $2.5 million, and that we have broken ground on renovations this summer. The building committee includes Vincent J. Browning Δ'85, Wilhelmus Bryan Δ'97, Malcolm Dorson Δ'03, and Virginia Baltzell, daughter of William Baltzell Δ'39, who are working with Hall architect Mark B. Thompson Δ'62, known for his work at West Point, Choate Rosmary Hall, and Greenwich Academy. This summer's stage 1 renovations include: • Thorough cosmetic renovations of all bedrooms, which will include new oak floors and paneled doors and that are both historically accurate and up to Philadelphia fire code. • Complete reconfiguration of the upstairs electrical system, which will improve our energy efficiency, reduce risk of electrical fires, and increase power to capacity levels that today's appliances demand. • Upgrade of the technology and WiFi infrastructure so that brothers can enjoy the benefits of uninterrupted studying and entertainment. • Relocation of the second- and third-floor bathrooms above original plumbing lines so that pipes in the house will be stacked vertically and avoid future leaks to living areas. This vital step will also bring brand-new larger bathrooms to the second and third floors. In the upcoming renovation stages, we plan to renovate our outdoor space, install new wood floors, restore wood panelling, install a new boiler, add HVAC, and implement a significant expansion and upgrade of the basement. We are still in the early phase of the capital campaign and are hoping for your participation in order for us to restore the Hall back to glory. I know that many of you plan on giving but, for one reason or another, have held off. Brothers, the time to act is now. We need your signed pledge to make our project plans a reality. To date, 184 individuals have made gifts and pledges of $1,756,224. While this certainly is a great number by itself, we have to believe we can do much better given that we have more than 700 active, living alumni and to date only 24% participation. We are asking every brother to make a pledge or contribution, no matter the size. One can spread a gift over five years, making it a manageable annual or monthly payment. As our Clubhouse is both a National and Philadelphia landmark, all gifts to our campaign are tax deductible. You may submit your contribution online at We understand that there are many worthy causes deserving of your attention. We kindly ask each and every brother to do what he can for the Hall now and make a meaningful gift, in its hour of greatest need. Thank you for your consideration. YITB, Alex Cook Δ'74 President Delta Alumni Association A Delta group photograph taken at the 170th Annual Convention in January at the Union League of Philadelphia. Hall architect Mark B. Thompson Δ'62

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