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Page 10 of 11 9 Congratulations! Maybe you just finished your online high school completion program or earned a certificate, diploma, associate degree or bachelor's degree. Did you just get home from your first day of work and can't wait to tell your loved ones about it? Wherever you are right now, it all started with the decision to finish your high school education and keep going. If you are getting ready to enter the workforce, we can help you find careers in several areas where long-term growth is anticipated. For instance, you can use a job board like this one at Career College Central to begin comparing open positions in your field. Be sure to visit us at our Imagine America website to learn more about our mission to help students like yourself succeed in today's world. We also offer grants, scholarships and career resources for high school students, military and adult students. No matter what decisions you make for your education — no matter what career you choose — we hope to be part of your success story. Thank you for taking this journey! Do you still have questions about online high school completion or other aspects of pursuing secondary education? Contact us today so we can start a conversation. 7 What to do once you arrive: Preparing for long-term career success

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