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DTD Preserving Our Present. Building for the Future. e Shield Delta Tau Delta • Beta Alpha Chapter Alumni Newsletter • Fall 2015 L eaves on campus have started to change from green to shades of yellow, orange, and red. With the changing of the leaves and classes in full session, it also means continued construction on the Delta Tau Delta Shelter. Our undergraduate members, which includes our 21 new members from this year's recruitment, continue to prosper on campus. It saddens me that recent news among in the Indiana Greek community has been negative, but I am, and you should be, proud of the things Beta Alpha is doing on campus. Our undergraduate members truly represent the values of our fraternity, and I'm proud to call them my Brothers. While our undergraduate Brothers continue to thrive, the Preserving Our Present. Building for the Future campaign has slowed. Construction continues to progress on time and on budget, but we cannot leave the burden of paying for the project on our youngest members. We are so thankful for the 60 alumni who have made Beta Alpha a priority and have given back to the campaign. With the support of these alumni, $767,539 has been raised toward our goal. But it's not enough. We are still $482,461 away from our campaign goal, and we continue to look for ways to increase our participation among alumni. To date, the class of 1955 has the most alumni participation. I am thankful for the brothers from that class who have stepped up to the plate. But there are other classes that I know can do better. There are Brothers out there who I know can make a difference in the lives of future generations of Delts. Each and every gift, no matter the size, is appreciated. Please consider using the enclosed pledge form TODAY to make your commitment to Beta Alpha. If you have already given back to the campaign, I sincerely thank you. Please reach out to Brothers in your pledge class who are not on the donor list and share with them why you gave back to Delta Tau Delta. Fraternally, Scott Peden '98 Beta Alpha House Corporation President | (317) 513-6505 More Than $767,000 Pledged for CaPiTal CaMPaign Are You among the 1,297 Who Have Yet to Give? Beta Alpha is adding a new wing to the Shelter to add more living space and allow more active Brothers to live in and to help keep our senior leaders engaged. Where Does Your Graduation Class Rank? B elow is a listing of the top 10 classes and their percent of participation to the Preserving Our Present. Building for the Future campaign. Congratulations to the class of 1955 for the most participation, with 20% of Brothers giving back to the campaign. Don't see your class listed? Be sure to reach out to Brothers from your class to ensure your class is included in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Will your class be the first to reach 100% participation? 1955 20% 1995 19% 1956 18% 1998 14% 1948 13% 1997 13% 1949 9% 1965 8% 1979 8% 1980 8%

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