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G reetings, FarmHouse brothers and friends! I have the great honor of leading the Alumni Association as president for the 2014 - 2016 biennium. I am excited for the opportunities the board has already taken advan- tage of and for the opportunities it is creating for the future. Working alongside the chapter lead- ership, the board has renovated several parts of the chapter house and annex, brought in an elite Greek services provider to advise and assist with the association, and has taken steps to become more involved in FarmHouse at the local and international levels. I am more confident than ever in saying that WSU FarmHouse is living our creed as "Builder of Men." Chapter House Updates In this day and age it has become increasingly important to all fraternities to continuously up- date the chapter building to stay competitive with on-campus and off-campus student living. To that end, last summer the board contracted with Kevin Johnston '84 to renovate the main floor of the chapter house. Brother Kevin's company, It's Done Honey Renovation LLC, refinished the main floor, installed and painted new wainscot- ing and trims on the living/dining room walls, installed a permanent breakfast bar and industri- Chapter House Renovations and Alumni Leadership Events Strengthen FarmHouse WSU Alumni Association Strives to Cultivate Closer Alumni Relations Cody Eldridge '13 received two Programming Awards on behalf of the chapter (total member education and risk management) at the 2014 Conclave in Charlotte, North Carolina. Le to Right: Matt O'Callaghan '08, Cody Eldridge '13, Jared Beck '08, and Wayne Steffen '73. Advisers and association members from both WSU and U of I FarmHouse strategize at the spring 2014 adviser seminar in Moscow, Idaho. Snapshots of improvements made during our summer renovation. al refrigerators in the dining room, and replaced the carpet on the back staircase. Renovations are being completed on the kitchen to include a new stove, fume hood, and pot racks. In addition to this, renovations are also being completed on the front steps to the annex to ensure tenant safety. Alumni Association Development e board had several opportunities last spring and summer to sponsor alumni attendance at several leadership events. e first event was a joint U of I/WSU FarmHouse adviser seminar put on by FH International Executive Director Chad Harris. e second event was a conclave in Charlotte, North Carolina. At both events, participants came away energized to get more involved and ensure that "progress shall mark our every step." It became clear that progress was contingent upon better communication between alumni and the active chapter. To that end, the board has brought an elite Greek services provid- er to advise and assist the board as necessary. e firm has already assisted the board with updat- ing our alumni lists, updating the chapter web- site, and putting together a more comprehensive newsletter. We look forward to working with them to reach our goals. One of the biggest messages taken away from ev- ery international leadership summit is that not every strong alumni association has a good chap- ter, but every good chapter has a strong alumni association. e most important resource for FA R M H O U S E F R AT E R N I T Y * WA S H I N G T O N S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y * S P R I N G 2 0 1 5 F a r m H o u se almanac (Continued on page 4)

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