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The Longhorn Fiji – The University of Texas at Austin Established 1883 TEXAS FIJI H Spring 2024 "What starts here changes the world." This motto strikes a deep chord with all University of Texas students and alumni. It speaks about the capacity we all have to impact the world for good, and it aligns perfectly with the privilege of being a Texas Fiji. As we say on our website, "We take great pride in our rich history and are dedicated to the ideals of brotherhood, leadership, and service." We expect our young men to uphold high ethical standards and values, and we aim to produce men of character who will positively influence the world around them. The need for men of integrity is more pronounced now than ever. Increasingly, this means learning to bridge divides and foster collaboration beyond traditional boundaries. I was impressed to watch our men bring that goal to life recently when they hosted Rabbi Zev Johnson, director of the Chabad Jewish Student Center at UT, to address our members on the significance of understanding, tolerance, and mutual respect. The evening brought our men closer together around a shared ethic of service and respect and challenged our members to reflect on their role in promoting a more respectful and harmonious world. It reinforced our collective commitment to be men of character, continually learning from others, and nurturing fellowship grounded in brotherhood, leadership, and service. To quote George Kunetka '23, "Rabbi Johnson's powerful talk helped broaden my perspective on other religious beliefs that are present in the Chapter. I believe the entire Chapter gained a greater sense of empathy for the experiences Jewish people have faced throughout history." For more than 140 years, the men of Phi Gamma Delta have had a rich history of making a difference. In a recent meeting with the Rush Captain, I was encouraged to hear him emphasize the team's commitment to recruiting individuals who embody the values of Phi Gamma Delta so we continue to produce men who are leaders in our society for the next century. Good to be one! The Rev. John Newton '71 Head of the BCA Building Strong Bridges Undergraduate Event Promotes Unity and Respect "What an unforgettable evening! The Rabbi's seminar inspired me to be an ally to the Jewish community and brought our pledge class closer together." –Jake Watts '23 The on-campus Fijis have been busy this year! Here's a sneak peak of their academic year. Find more inside on page 2. (Left) The pledge class of 2022 celebrates spring Parents Weekend. (Right) Fiji Spurs enjoy their semesterly sweetheart night! Top row, from left: Dyer Rawlinson '20, Christopher Scott '21, and William Watson '21. Middle row: Hudson McElroy '20, Bradley Baay '21, Austin Russell '20, Michael Duncan '20, Brady Lamme '21, and Malcolm Downie '21. Bottom row: Memo Putman '22 and Adam Russell '22.

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