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D O C D A V I S D O C D A V I S MEMORIAL NEWSLETTER MEMORIAL NEWSLETTER P E N N S T A T E D E L T A U P S I L O N F A L L 2 0 2 3 C o n s i d e r S u p p o r t i n g O u r U n d e r g r a d u a t e s ! C o n s i d e r S u p p o r t i n g O u r U n d e r g r a d u a t e s ! I write to update you on the state of our fraternity. I will not bury the lead: the state of our fraternity is strong. There are 36 undergraduates, comprised of sophomores, juniors, and seniors, living in our handsome Chapter House for fall 2023, with a total membership of 76 or so. CHAPTER HOUSE RESIDENCY Our financial position is adequate and improving with short receivables and no debt. This allows us the flexibility to make investments as they are requested by each undergraduate class. We welcomed 10 associates for fall 2023—all have already signed a housing agreement for next year. The commitment from our undergraduate brothers is apparent. As you will read in the undergraduate update on page 2, we have been working in tandem to improve and enhance our Chapter residence and grounds. We must make constant investments, many which are increasingly complex and costly. THE GREEK OUTLOOK The value proposition of fraternities at Penn State is strained, as the university banned fall freshman recruitment several years ago and Greek life is only one of many avenues for which undergraduates can network and make deep connections. Additionally, significant building in the State College area makes other housing options appealing. Gone are the days when Beaver Hill was our main competition. Off-campus residences now boast amenities such as gyms, pools, golf simulators, and meticulously maintained community areas. Our Chapter's value proposition is to provide a fraternal experience that combines the best of scholastic, athletic, and professional development. We must adjust our tack for the current environment. At our core, our alumni association is a provider of hospitality services in a brotherly manner. We offer scholarships, community involvement, meals, and networking and provide flexibility to intrepid brothers who study abroad or earn an internship. ALUMNI ENGAGEMENT NEEDED Disaffiliation or resignation of senior class members is increasingly a pressing concern—a common issue among fraternities. It is in this area I ask for your attention. A common retort offered to the advisory committee from resigning brothers is that they do not see the value in being an alumnus and paying dues senior year. At this point, they are spending their time at restaurants, clubs, interning, and looking beyond their time in college. We have also heard that the lack of present alumni is indicative that alumni status is not valuable. I ask that you raise your hand to involve yourself with our undergraduate brothers. Offer advice on their budding careers, places to live in a new city, and the benefits of the ties that bind us together for generations. This can be as simple as a phone call with a brother interested in your career field or a 10-minute pop-in to the Chapter House when parking on the property for an event. Please contact any member of the alumni board for ways to be involved, either to ask how or to offer your time. Our fraternity is well-positioned for the future. Thank you for all you do for our Chapter. Fraternally, William Woska, President DU'S PLACE AT PENN STATE Left: Brothers greatly appreciate the recent gym renovations. Center: Tom Arnold, Bryan Brockson, and Jason Cartwright host an alumni get-together at their DU-inspired Locust Lane Craft Brewery in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Right: Alumni President William Woska '12 explains to undergraduates the benefits of being a PSU DU alumnus.

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