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2 Beta Chi Columns officially being house manager) and frequently did drywall and taping repair work around the Chapter House. After the university's wrestling program was cut, Dan pivoted and got more involved in the Chapter, becoming kitchen steward, vice president, and Chapter president. He also served as the Chapter's IFC representative, and then later vice president of the IFC. Dan graduated in 1985 with a B.S. in civil engineering and went to work in the commercial design-build construction industry. "Those opportunities to lead at such a young age— to screw things up, learn what went wrong and how to do it better next time—proved invaluable later on when I led construction companies and then decided to start my own," he said. Dan started Conway Contracting in 2002, which specializes in design-build commercial construction. They build light industrial warehouses, perform heavy industrial construction, and build retail, commercial structures, and more. When the Kappa Sigma House Fund began looking for Chapter House renovation and addition proposals, Dan saw his opportunity to give back to Beta-Chi through his professional experience. Dan's firm was selected for the project thanks to his insights. Specifically, Dan proposed building the house addition on the west side and completely renovating the existing building— creating the incredible site line and show- stopper of the elevation that we know today. Dan's winning drawings included the design of the party room, constructing the front lawn/ soccer field, creating suites with separate study/ living rooms, and installing plywood behind all drywall (No more patching drywall every Sunday morning!). The success of Beta-Chi's updates led Conway Contracting to three more Greek housing projects in Rolla: renovating and expanding the Lambda Chi Alpha property and building new houses for Theta Xi and Sigma Pi. "I never dreamed that I would build a Fraternity house, but when you are passionate about what you do and how you do it, word gets out and work finds you!" Dan and his wife, Jeannine Lee Conway (B.S. CE 1986 from UMR – Zeta Tau Alpha), live in Kirkwood, Missouri, and are passionate about giving back to their community. They have constructed facilities for Gene Slay Girls and Boys Club and Sew Hope Community Center. They love to travel to visit their adult children (in England, Seattle, and Salt Lake City) as well as their Fraternity Brothers and Sorority Sisters. You can reach Dan at danc@ conwaycontracting.com. Service for Service's Sake (Continued from page 1) A few years ago, Scott Stewart '90 started reconnecting with Kappa Sigma—thanks to a Facebook post that led to countless phone calls catching up with old Brothers. Scott never expected those events would lead to his Beta-Chi Hall of Fame induction. As he saw it, many Brothers he knows have been as or more successful in their careers or done more for the Beta-Chi and deserve the honor more. "Then Robert Hoffmann '78 told me, 'It's not about you, it's you about you coming and talking to the younger Brothers, helping them out, showing them what's possible," Scott explained. "I feel like if you get your degree and keep your act together, you'll do just fine," he added. "Work hard, take some risks, fail, succeed, just keep moving forward. Never, ever, quit." He also wants everyone to recognize the talent and wisdom around them. Your Brothers and Alumni have a wealth of knowledge and experience. We're here to help each other in all ways—just like Kappa Sigma and the Brothers helped him years ago. THE PEOPLE WHO MATTER Scott knew nothing about Kappa Sigma when he arrived in Rolla, but a house tour from Rick Stehlin '86 and Craig Eyermann '87 really made him feel welcome, and recruitment events made a lasting impression with a consistent "welcome to the family" feeling. From there, he and his pledge Brothers had a safe environment at Rolla to learn about life and interact with different people. They could celebrate the good times together and support one another through the challenges of college life. "The older Brothers would pick you up when you fell, and I knew that it was my job to do the same for my younger Brothers," he said. "You learn to stand with your Brothers and the people who matter to you." Throughout his career, Scott has worked on many challenging/fun engineering and manufacturing projects and had many great travel opportunities. What's most important to him, however, is raising his two children to be better than he ever was (which he says they are!). His daughter is in engineering school at Texas A&M, and his son will attend Purdue this fall with plans to be a mechanical engineer. Both children are Eagle Scouts, his daughter being the first female Eagle Scout in the state of Louisiana. "I was never a scout, but five of my pledge Brothers were Eagle Scouts," Scott added. "I looked up to those guys and wanted my kids to be like them." GOOD MEMORIES Although it's been 25 long, hard years, Scott has kept up with Brothers by phone, social media, and text, including many pledge Brothers and their former alumni advisor, Phil Corbin '80. "I think it's nice to keep up, help people get a few laughs, and reconnect a little bit," he said. "We're also there to help each other. It's great to talk about ideas and challenges we're facing." As an undergraduate, Scott usually had a 35mm camera on him, leading to album after album of photos and memories. He hopes to bring some of them for a future Chapter visit! Scott and his family live near New Orleans in Folsom, Louisiana. All four of them enjoy time on the racetrack with their three Miatas. Recently, they bought a farm, where they board horses and have started raising Wagyu cattle. You can connect with Scott at stewart5990@gmail.com. Helping a New Generation Hall of Fame Inductee Scott Stewart '90 on Giving Back to Beta-Chi "The older Brothers would pick you up when you fell, and I knew that it was my job to do the same for my younger Brothers."

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