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December 02, 2021

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Page 2 - Rutherford Weekly 828-248-1408 Thursday, December 2-December 8, 2021 WE WILL BUY WE WILL BUY YOUR CAR TODAY! YOUR CAR TODAY! 345 S Broadway, Forest City 828-245-8067 M O O RE ' S AUTO S ALES ©communityfi rstmedia Friendship Masonic Lodge BBQ FUNDRAISER All orders must be placed by December 10th. Contact Brian Mellon 704-692-8576 PICK UP DECEMBER 24 TH 10:00-12:00 722 McBrayer-Homestead Road Boiling Springs, NC Includes: 1 bbq butt, 1 qt. slaw, & 1 pint sauce $ 40 Thanksgiving Day at the Grace of God Rescue Mission in Forest City was a day of gratitude for all the volunteers, those who donated food, the transporters and for every person who took a Thanksgiving turkey dinner home. More than a dozen volunteers were at their respective places at about 11 a.m. on Thanksgiving fi lling plates, slicing desserts, fi lling tea cups, and packing the plates in to-go plastic bags. More than 400 dinners went out of the Rescue Mission on Thanksgiving Day. Many were given to hundreds of those who came to the Center on West Main Street and others were delivered to hotels, motels and to senior living facilities. Director Terry Hagaman was running from one area of the dining room to another area of the kitchen making sure everything was moving as needed. He was taking turkey dressing out of the oven and turkey that had already been sliced, he was placed on platters. At one long serving table volunteers were slicing homemade pies and cakes and at another table the desserts were placed in plastic bags. Gale and Laurie Ebert were among volunteers slicing homemade pies and cakes. "This is the fi rst time we've been here to help and it just seemed like a good idea," said Gale. It was a good idea, the couple agreed. Briana McCoallumn said she wanted to do something to help others since her own family was with other family members on Thanksgiving so she showed up to help as well. At another table where long-time volunteer Willard Jenkins was fi elding telephone calls regarding the times of the turkey give-ways, a few other volunteers were taking a moment's break. Jenkins said it's the goal of Grace of God Rescue Mission on Thanksgiving Day to make sure everyone has a turkey meal. From the way things were looking on Thursday, there were plenty of meals. As Jenkins talked O.A. and Charlotte Fish of Bostic walked up to the table, took a seat and began to talk with volunteers. The couple and their 38 family members had Thanksgiving dinner a few days before so O.A. and Charlotte stopped by the Center to help out and to visit. O.A. Fish, a retired pilot for Eastern Airlines, said back in the day when he was fl ying, "we never got Thanksgiving Day off so we had our Thanksgiving on another day," he said. As that tradition started it has continued to the present. Today the couple's children, grand-children and great-grandchildren gathered with their extended families on Thanksgiving Day since it was never possible when the girls were growing up to have Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving Day. Fish talked about his relationship with Cliff Barrows, the long-time music and program director for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Barrows often fl ew on the jets Fish was piloting while commuting from Greenville - Spartanburg to other parts of the country. Fish talked about his book, 'Fingerprints of God," that he wrote after the tragic death of the couple's daughter and how Barrows wrote comments about the book that were published in the book. Sitting at the same table was an employee of Parker Hannifi n who decided to visit the center on Thanksgiving Day, "to make a difference." A county resident for just a year, he said he is trying to get to know the county more and to fi nd such places where he can make a difference. As people arrived at the back door of the Center, another group of volunteers were fi lling plates and packing them in to-go bags and wishing them well. A good portion of turkey, dressing, green beans, sweet potato casserole, rolls, dessert and cranberry sauce fi lled the plates. Each bag also included the December 2021 edition of "Have a good day" that " brings cheer and good news.' For those serving, those working and those receiving, it was a good day — a true Thanksgiving blessing. Meals are also served at the Grace of God Rescue Mission Monday-Saturday. Call 245-9141 for more information. Volunteers showing grace at mission center Article & Photos Provided By: Jean Gordon Laurie Ebert (left) and Gale Ebert (right) join other volunteers to pack desserts. Volunteers packing plates for those arriving at the center. Turkey, dressing, gravy, beans, sweet potatoes an other items fi lled the Thanksgiving Day plates. O.A. Fish was among those visiting Thanksgiving Day.

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