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January 26, 2021

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WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM JANUARY 27-FEBRUARY 2, 2021 UCW 19 WEEKLY HOROSCOPE NEWS OF THE WEIRD by the Editors at Andrews McMeel Syndication Compelling Explanation Holly Venderley, 20, of Blooming- ton, Indiana, told park rangers that she knew Mount Rushmore Nation- al Memorial was closed, and she knew she wasn't allowed to climb the South Dakota monument — which is why she did it at night. The Rapid City Journal reported that a ranger monitoring security cameras saw a flashlight's beam moving along the slope of broken rocks just beneath George Washington on Jan. 3 and ran to the area, where he saw Venderley climbing to the base of Washington's lapel, about 200 feet up. The ranger demanded she get down, which she did. Venderley was sober and cooperative, and the next day she was fined $1,250 after pleading guilty to climbing the monument in federal court. Government in Action Massachusetts already has an of- ficial fossil, reported NECN-TV, and now state Rep. Jack Lewis, of Fram- ingham, is proposing the selection of a state dinosaur as well. "With so much uncertainty in our world to- day, can you think of a better way to help kids (and those young at heart) learn about the legislative process than (by) naming an official Massa- chusetts State Dinosaur?" he wrote on Twitter on Jan. 4. Lewis posted links to an online survey where citi- zens can choose the species they'd like to represent them and said it got 150 votes in the first two hours. Creme de la Weird Ending a dispute that began in 2014, Judge Luo Shengli of the Bei- jing Xicheng District People's Court ruled that a man identified only as Tian and his family must leave the hospital room they had been squat- ting in for six years. Tian had un- dergone a medical procedure at the hospital and spent a few days re- covering there, accompanied by his family, but at discharge, Tian dis- puted the hospital's bill and refused to leave, Oddity Central reported. Tian's parents settled in with him, bringing pots and pans, grocer- ies and other personal items from home. Over the years, the hospital took the family to court on multiple occasions and in 2019 even waived its fees in an effort to expel them, but the family countersued. In his ruling, the judge found the family was entitled to compensation of about $73,000, which they accept- ed, and they were taken home in a hospital ambulance. Question: I haven't seen if HBO has renewed "We Are Who We Are" for a second season. Do you have any update? — Unsigned Matt Roush: No news since the finale. It hasn't been renewed or canceled at this point. It has been reported that series creator Luca Guadagnino has created a bible of an outline for a second season, should it hap- pen — which I expect it will — but he has other projects lined up and it's unclear when this could happen, if it happens. It might be even more interesting if there were a significant time jump between seasons, to revisit these unsettled and provoca- tive characters at a new stage in their emotional journeys. To submit questions to TV Critic Matt Roush, go to: tvinsider.com. By Damian Holbrook Cheers to "Bling Empire" for adding a new shine to reality TV. "Crazy Rich Asians" meets "Real Housewives" in Netflix's addic- tive docusoap about a posse of well off Asian Americans living it up and tearing down stereo- types. Socialite Anna Shay is the most fascinating diva since Lisa Vanderpump! Cheers to "e Voice's" Gwen Stefani for a champion return. After a short hiatus, the coach came holla'ing back to her red chair on the NBC hit armed with wit, musical wisdom and what turned out to be a very savvy strategy to snatch her first win with 15-year-old protégé Carter Rubin. Jeers to "e Masked Dancer" for its potential wardrobe mal- functions. ere's no question the costumes on Fox's "Masked Singer" spinoff are works of weird art. It's just that a few of them — Hammerhead and Zebra, hello — are so elaborate and unwieldy, we're worried the celebs inside the ensembles will break a bone while busting a move. ARIES - March 21/April 20 Aries, it is not often that you feel compelled to be a people-pleaser, but you've been a lot more cautious about what you say or post online lately. at can be a good thing.nt. TAURUS - April 21/May 21 Taurus, certain things aren't adding up and someone close to you is being rather evasive. You may want to do some investigative work and get to the bottom of the situation. GEMINI - May 22/June 21 Even though you detest drama, unless you are careful this week you could put yourself right in the middle of some. Watch your words and actions carefully. CANCER - June 22/July 22 You are known for adding your personal touch to ever ything, Cancer. Just don't push this so far as to have the final word on ever ything; otherwise, you could ruffle feathers. LEO - July 23/Aug. 23 Leo, you're often focused on the bigger picture but don't consider the small details. W hen financial issues become a concern, you have to learn to scrutinize data. VIRGO - Aug. 24/Sept. 22 You can't resist helping other people who are close to you. is week is a time when the roles are reversed. Don't hesitate to accept help. LIBR A - Sept. 23/Oct. 23 Libra, you are normally upbeat and passive. However, you may have to be a little more forceful if you want to get your point across and be heard in the days ahead. SCORPIO - Oct. 24/Nov. 22 You don't mind defending your opinions or your ideals, Scorpio. In fact, you are highly skilled at constructive conversation. Your nego- tiation tactics may be put to the test. SAGITTARIUS - Nov. 23/Dec. 21 Sagittarius, it is not your job to solve a group issue on your own. is needs to be a demo - cratic process with all opinions included in the discussion. You may act as moderator. CAPRICORN - Dec. 22/Jan. 20 Is there something going on in your life right now that could benefit from a little more inves- tigation, Capricorn? Personal problems may involve delving a little deeper. AQUARIUS - Jan. 21/Feb. 18 Aquarius, it seems that for each step you take forward, you move two or three steps back. Break this cycle and develop a contingency plan so you don't miss a beat. PISCES - Feb. 19/March 20 e distance between you and someone you love keeps widening, Pisces. Take the time to mend this fence. 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