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the betA Piper PAge 2 T raining in the long winter months hasn't been easy for Tyler McKean '07 and his dog, Buddy, but their competitiveness has propelled them to be one of the best skijoring teams in the world. They finished 14th at the 2017 International Federation of Sleddog Sports World Championships. Their success on the national level has been highlighted by winning the 2019 Chuck & Don's Skijoring Loppet and One- Dog National Championship and earning runner-up honors in the same race in February. The results haven't been the only thing that's motivated them either. As Tyler and Buddy closed in on the finish line at the 2020 national championships, they heard the support of their fan section, which included Tyler's ultimate frisbee teammates and Beta Theta Pi brothers. "That's one of those things where the perseverance and determination that I learned from my Beta brothers helped me out," Tyler said. "To be competitive in skijoring, you have to train not only yourself, but your dog to be in top physical shape. You have to do it in the wintertime when people don't normally love to be outside." Tyler's Beta brothers have been there for him during the highest of the highs and lowest of the lows since he joined Beta Pi Chapter. He already knew Beta was full of good guys prior to arriving at the University of Minnesota since he had worked with a few active members at a Boy Scout summer camp, but soon realized that his fraternity experience was something that would last much longer than four years. "My sophomore year, my grandmother passed away. Without me asking, there were probably a half-dozen guys from the chapter who went to the funeral with me," Tyler said. "That was touching. That's when I knew that those guys were pretty good friends to have and cared a lot about me." Beta gave Tyler some much-needed confidence that benefited him in college and during his career as the facility and program manager for the City of St. Paul. He has kept Beta in mind while working with several teenagers and young adults. "I never forget that you can have a very positive influence on people in that age group," Tyler said. "It doesn't take that much effort and it doesn't hurt you, but it can make a world of difference to that one individual. Sometimes you're not even going to know the impact you're going to make by helping them out, giving them advice, and encouraging them to do their best." Tyler strives to be the ultimate team player at work and in his other activities, one of which is ultimate frisbee. His love for ultimate frisbee began at Beta during intramurals and has grown with every throw of the disc. "I've been lucky to be on some good teams," Tyler said. "We've consistently been going to national championships and went to a world championship a couple of years ago. That's been awesome to think that that ties back to Beta." You can connect with Tyler at BUDDY, BETA, AND BELIEVING IN HIMSELF Tyler McKean '07 Credits Beta Pi Brothers for His Competitive Edge Loving Cup Society ($100 to $499) Donald E. McGrath '55 J. Bradner Smith '55 Peter A. Von Eschen '55 Donn P. Barber '56 Kingsley R. Ondich '56 Stanley A. Thompson '59 J. Dixon Tews '63 John H. Avery '64 Richard L. George '66 William L. Laakso '69 Jeffrey D. Ohm '70 E. Walt Slibeck '70 David A. Horner '91 Beta Dragon Society (Up to $99) Roger N. Johnson '62 William L. Valentine '63 William H. Madden Jr. '86 Ann Leech Your Gifts Make a Difference! Alumni Support Key to Chapter's Success A heartfelt thank-you to the 17 alumni and friends who donated $3,100 in the fall 2019 appeal of our annual giving campaign. Without alumni giving back, our brotherhood would not have reached the level of success it enjoys today. The brothers following in our footsteps are thankful for the steadfast support and benefit greatly from alumni contributions. Whether through scholarships or leadership opportunities, the undergraduate experience is undoubtedly enhanced by generous alumni. Donations to the annual campaign are separate from the capital campaign, yet equally important for the ongoing success of Beta Pi. If an error has been made in recording the amount of your gift(s), or we have mistakenly omitted your gift, we sincerely apologize. If corrections to your giving records are needed, please contact our campaign coordinator at (785) 843-1661. Thank you, again, for your loyal support. Thank you donors! Tyler McKean '07 and his dog, Buddy, compete in the Chuck & Don's Skijoring Loppet and One-Dog National Championship 10,000-meter race.

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