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Page 3 S A E Friends Society (Up to $2,499) Kathleen Borlik In memory of Thomas E. Wurster '57 Roz Redman Dick In memory of Thomas E. Wurster '57 and Robert M. Redman '57 Nancy Liber In memory of Jack Liber '60, who valued the lifelong friendships of Charlie Kehrt '59 and Bob Butler '60 Elaine Van Lue In memory of William J. Van Lue '56 James R. Wiltman Philip N. Clark '51 A. Thomas Sprich III '53 Thomas W. Bloodgood '55 In memory of Don Bloodgood '50 Virgil G. Burkhardt '55 Edward B. Brant '56 Robert F. Lark '56 Donn B. Whitmer '56 Herman R. Menck '57 Jon A. Nuss '57 John H. Hager '58 Lawrence O. Beck '59 Lloyd C. Cooper '59 Bill Kayser '60 In honor of Fred Richter '60 John P. Kester '60 Paul A. May, D.V.M. '60 Richard A. Mayoras '60 Robert D. McIlroy '60 Frederick Richter '60 Anthony J. Manlove '61 Peter H. Schueler '61 Dr. Ronald R. Clark '62 Herb McGuire '62 Gregory S. Smith '63 Richard A. Hess '64 Wayne F. McIntyre '64 In memory of Harold "Butch" Hartman '63 and Francis "Frank" Clark '64 Robert E. Petersen '65 Louis M. Culbertson Jr. '67 Stephen P. Freiherr '67 Stephen A. Lochmoeller '67 In memory of William D. Cutshall '67 Ralph E. Roper Jr. '68 Donald L. Fatzinger '69 Robert R. Johnson '69 Terry K. Ryker '69 Cliff Sondgerath '69 Robert A. Altenkirch '70 In memory of Erich Altenkirch, Cornell '95 John B. Fillion '71 Mike Kensill '71 David E. Labelle '71 George P. Nichol '73 Donald J. Haerer '76 Robert M. Freeman '77 In memory of Jim Hoskins '77 Robert B. Gregg '77 Charles B. MacLeod '77 Frederick W. Tillotson '79 Edward Vaughn '79 In memory of the Cave Mark R. Beaver '80 Frederick C. Fritz, DePauw '81 Steven D. Nash '81 Robert R. Detardo '82 Thomas Roseberry '82 Brian Ferrell '84 Ford Ginter '84 David P. Buntin '85 In memory of Steve Dunkerly '86 Steven M. Evans '86 Michael K. Keen '86 Scott Siebers '87 Jeff Fisher '88 William C. Meirink '89 John Dillon '90 P. Michael Simpson '90 In memory of Michael Madden '89 Tony L. Zimmerer '90 Brian A. Tucker '92 Brad Benhart '93 Todd M. Montabana '93 Craig A. Heiss '94 Patrick Lehman '95 Carl Markovich '95 Alan M. Page '95 Grant Durham '00 Chris Cleland '05 Alexander C. Lane '06 Drew Anspach '07 Michael D. Laird '07 Nick Tenhundfeld '07 Stephen Van Pelt '08 Daniel Byles-Smith '09 Nick W. Gibson '09 Adam McArdle '09 Sean Conley '12 Charlie Dilts '12 Andrew Vasquez '13 Scott Campbell '16 Patrick K. Sullivan '16 Establishing a Home for True Gentlemen Norm Blake '64 Donates to Ensure SAE Has Best House on Campus W hile going through recruitment in the '60s, Norm Blake '64 was impressed with the reputation of the Indiana Beta Chapter of SAE and the quality of brothers it produced. Fast forward to 2019 and not much has changed. As he reflects on those early years, Norm sees greatness on the horizon for the men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. At SAE, Norm developed lifelong friendships, learned from his shortcomings and mistakes, and met his future wife. Lessons learned at Indiana Beta no doubt set the stage for what became a successful career. Over the years, he held a variety of senior officer level positions, including strategic planner for Jack Welch (CEO of General Electric), chairman and CEO of three Fortune 500 companies, and CEO of the United States Olympic Committee. Looking to the future, Norm wants SAE to "become the best house on campus." He hopes the chapter can "be a leader in the community and have a membership of achievers that are going to be difference makers in life." Norm is making this vision become reality by ensuring the Indiana Beta chapter house is the top fraternity house with a donation to the Tradition of Excellence capital campaign. "My SAE experience was valuable to me and made me a better person to face the realities of life. I wanted to ensure that others would have the opportunity of becoming better as a result of their experience of being a brother at SAE." Norm knows more donations are needed to see the project through to completion. He hopes all brothers will join him in donating. "There are givers and takers in life," he said. "If you enjoyed and gained from your experience as being a member of SAE, you should feel a sense of obligation to give back so that others can enjoy a similar experience." Staying active with SAE over the years, Norm serves on the House Corporation and maintains contact with many of his brothers, including Keith Johnson '63, Jack Harris '64, and Bob Frushour '63. Indiana Beta has been a part of Norm's life for more than 50 years. And with campaign support from his brothers, it will create lasting bonds for generations of future brothers.

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