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Page 2 Phoenix Rising Society ($250,000 and above) Anonymous William P. Madar Jr. '61 Roger B. Gatewood '68 Indiana Beta Actives Lion's Legacy Society ($100,000 to $249,999) Norman P. Blake Jr. '64 Philip Wagner '64 In memory of Tom Bauman '61 William D. Schmicker '65 Phi Alpha Society ($50,000 to $99,999) Lewis G. Green Jr. '60 William N. Vinovich '62 Keith A. Johnson '63 William R. Litzler '64 Wayne F. McIntyre '64 Mark S. Hopkins '79 Randal A. Sergesketter '80 Karen and Bill Frederick '82 Geoff Cubitt '91 406 Littleton Society ($25,000 to $49,999) David A. Bigler '58 Charles W. Ashing III '59 E. Brian Smith '60 Edward F. Chouinard '63 Lynn R. Coy '64 Jack R. Harris '64 Jared Heindel '64 William S. Toth '65 Dr. Michael Stillabower '66 Michael B. Veon '66 Andrew E. Cummins Jr. '67 Thomas A. Irmscher '67 Thomas D. Wilson Jr. '67 Robert W. Rush '70 Barry R. Smith '77 Margiotta Family Gift Sean M. Margiotta '87 Drake M. Margiotta '89 Brian A. Demkowicz '88 Brian J. Thomeczek '00 Purple and Gold Society ($15,000 to $24,999) C. Charles Dauk Jr. '96 Indiana Beta Society ($10,000 to $14,999) Anonymous In memory of Larry Guffin '65 and Steve Norcross '65 Charles Kehrt '59 Gary E. Mitchell '60 Robert H. Frushour II '63 Charles H. Alexander '64 Maurice D. Galey Jr. '85 Michael J. Rowley '91 Ashish P. Bhagwanjee '97 Founder's Society ($5,000 to $9,999) Robert S. Sternberger '42 James W. Love '49 James A. Whitmer '52 In memory of Robert D. Whitmer '49 A. Russell Quilhot '55 John S. Castell '56 George M. Scalise '56 Ray H. Spiess '58 Leonard W. Busse '60 Thomas F. Hanshaw '60 In memory of Matthew and Dewhurst Hanshaw Charles H. Schroeder '60 John C. Coulson '61 Dick Glass '61 Larry G. Salsbury '62 Reid Brodie III '63 Stephen E. Egger '63 Bruce T. Cundiff Jr. '65 James H. Rogers '65 In memory of Ronald D. Fell '64 William Bultman '67 James C. Fisher '70 Robert L. Parrin '72 Charles J. Weber '72 Dr. David Morgan '73 Timothy J. Racke '73 John M. Speicher '75 William J. McConnell '80 Kyle D. Johnson '83 In memory of Gary L. Bullard '83 Jonathan F. Staub '83 Jeffrey S. Hughart '86 Todd A. Heemsoth '87 Donald Myers '87 David A. Owens '88 James Prough '89 Christopher W. Haas '90 Laura and Gregory O'Daniel '90 Kevin M. Dolen '91 Tony Page '91 James T. O'Shaughnessy '92 Gregory J. Vogelman '96 Thor Benson '97 Jason Tuscher '97 Boilermaker Society ($2,500 to $4,999) Neal B. Royer '51 Richard W. Butler '53 James H. Lowe '53 In memory of Paul Campbell '54 Richard O. Dudley '55 Donald H. Morton '57 Thomas E. Wurster Sr. '57 Donald G. Halliday '58 H. Bailey Terry Jr. '58 Robert L. Christen '59 In memory of Fred Christen '52 Ron Martin '60 William S. Anderson '63 Charles M. Jensen '63 Ken Schaefer '63 Michael Leahy '64 Bill Cupp '67 James E. Kane Jr. '68 and William M Stover '68 In memory of Ross R. Ritchey '68 Donald S. Meck '71 Thomas B. Poole '83 Theodore R. Clemens '84 Roy Heimbrock Jr. '84 David A. Boss '85 Mark Dilts '85 In memory of The Dilts Boys James A. Skurner '95 Anthony Roberts '98 Chris King '08 Kevin M. Finley '15 How Will You Leave Your Mark on Our Brotherhood? Help Us Write tHe Next CHapter of iNdiaNa Beta T hanks to the following alumni and friends, $2,687,355 has been committed to A Tradition of Excellence: The Campaign for Indiana Beta. Their efforts have already made a tremendous difference in the future of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Purdue. We extend a heartfelt thank-you for their generous donations and hope anyone who has yet to contribute will join the ranks of these leaders in our campaign today. Gifts of any size are encouraged and appreciated as we work together to set Purdue SAE up for success well into the future. Your SAE legacy does not end when you leave the chapter houseā€”it lives on through the brothers who follow in your footsteps. Remember, each donor contributing $5,000 or more will be recognized on a prominently displayed plaque in the renovated chapter house. If you feel an error has been made in recording your gift, we sincerely apologize. Please contact our campaign coordinator at (785) 843-1661 with any corrections. Join your brothers on this list by using the enclosed pledge form and envelope to make your pledge today. Thank you for making a difference! CampaigN statUs at-a-glaNCe As of September 30, 2019 $5 Million Fundraising Goal $2,687,355 in Contributions 197 Pledges to Date 14% Participation Want to make your gift online? Visit today!

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