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B rothers, we're proud to say that more than 100 of you have joined in supporting our chapter members through the H.G. Menke Mentoring Program. It was launched in 2014 with the great assistance of Seth Ellis '05 X1700 to better support our youngest brothers with personal and career guidance. At the time there were no existing programs to provide these services, so Seth and others simply got it done themselves, with our deep gratitude. We are now very happy to announce that Lambda Chi Alpha Inter- national has finally caught up with us and launched a new, compre- hensive mentoring program for all chapters and alumni members, the LCA Compass Mentoring Program. It offers many of the same advantages as our Menke program and more, at lower cost to the board and easier enrollment for you. Your participation gives Chi Zeta chapter members the opportuni- ty to grow personally, scholastically, and professionally. It is so ben- eficial for an undergraduate to hear about how an alumnus arrived in a career from their college major. For the alumni, as the end of the 2019 school year is drawing near, now is a great time to talk to chapter members who may fit your hiring needs for internships or full-time employment. ere are more than 60 chapter mem- bers registered in the mentoring program, and more to come—plus many recent graduates as well. If you haven't yet joined in as an alumni mentor, now is the time. If you have been a Menke member, you need to re-register now for the new LCA Compass program to stay involved (memberships cannot be transferred over). And it's simple to do using LCA's on- line portal! Step One: If you haven't already done so to access the many oth- er great resources offered, register now for Lambda Chi's alumni and undergrad support network, LCA ONE. Either select the "LCA ONE" button at the top of the fraternity's main webpage (www. or just go directly to LCA ONE at (and remember to bookmark the page for quick returns!). Either sign in or, if it's your first visit, select "Register" and follow the sim- ple instructions. Browse around and find the many resources avail- able through this important portal. Step Two: On the le margin, select "Career Development" to go to the LCA Compass launch page, then launch the Compass regis- tration as an Advisor. You have the option to auto-fill many of the registration fields using your LinkedIn account info, or simply do- ing it directly. It's a simple automated query and only takes a couple of minutes to enter helpful info about your education, experience, and interests to allow easy matches to brothers seeking guidance in those areas. at's it! Step Three: Your registration will connect you to all Lambda Chis across the country, which might be what you want. But if you want to restrict your involvement to just our Chi Zeta members, that's easy too. Simply launch LCA Compass and go to "Edit Profile." ere you will see a tab on the le for "Groups;" check the box to speak only with our members, and you're done! LCA Compass is the simplest and quickest way for current brothers to connect with alumni—like you—who have the real-world expe- rience and insights they need to get on the best path in life, which is what Lambda Chi is all about. Sharing your skills with others in our brotherhood is both rewarding and fun. ank you for joining in. Join the NEW LCA Mentoring Program! Chi Zetagram 10

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