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FA R M H O U S E F R AT E R N I T Y * WA S H I N G T O N S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y * FA L L 2 0 1 8 R ecruitment is again a focus as the members embark on a new school year. ere are currently 18 members in the chapter with hopes to grow membership through the fall and spring semesters. ere are currently only two members that may be moving on from the chapter this school year, which provides an opportunity to make some progress. International Leadership Consultant Sam Mcfarland was able to visit and assist the chapter through formal recruitment this fall. His feedback was positive and he believes the men are doing what they need to recruit solid members. He also acknowledged the amount of competition we have at WSU with 27 active fraternities. We need to use what sets FarmHouse apart to draw in the members we are looking for. With that said, there is already focus from the members toward the future. How do we get back above 20 members—to 25, to 30-plus? A large compo- nent is alumni involvement. Please consider your connections to Potential New Members (PNMs) or anyone that will be graduating high school this upcoming year and would be a good fit for FarmHouse at WSU. Please feel free to contact Recruitment Chairman Nick English '17 at (509) 285-1304 or me. We will make sure to treat your leads with the utmost appreciation and keep each person that provides a lead apprised of any progress made. e association provided funding in spring 2018 for a recruitment package from FH international. is included a pop-up tent, retractable banners, a table cover, and swag that supports an updated and professional look to the recruitment effort. e members have already put this to use during the summer, fall recruitment, and up on Glen Terrell Mall. Members plan to help out again this coming spring at the 2019 FFA State Convention as it continues to provide an opportunity to get FarmHouse's name out to potential incoming students. ey also developed scholarships last year with little success, but plan to get started sooner this fall for the same opportunities. Scholarship information will be sent out to all high school agriculture teachers this fall. If you have friends in ag education, please tell them to keep an eye out. Fraternally, Brian Tisch '98 Association Treasurer (360) 303-8831 FOCUSING ON 2019 RECRUITMENT Alumni, Help Us Boost PNM Efforts Chapter Website Chapter Facebook FarmHouse Fraternity at WSU Chapter Twitter @WSUFH F L Cody Grondin '18 and Nicholas English '17 at the WAFFA State Convention.

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