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Aerospace Edition Inflexibility hinders change The biggest impediment to meeting the challenges above is the general inflexibility of aerospace manufacturing systems. Legacy applications are often numerous, inflexible, and locally unique, with customized integration that is expensive to maintain. Infrastructure is often inconsistent across facilities with local hardware deployment and support personnel. Further, site IT operations processes may not be industry-standard best practice and are highly susceptible to varying demands from local users and sub-optimized from an enterprise perspective. Most plant-level IT personnel are inwardly focused on their own site and not exposed to the rest of the industry. Business information and intelligence suffer 47 from delayed and inaccurate plant floor data with inconsistent definitions that prevent comparisons across facilities and limited analytical and "drill-down" capabilities. MES solutions provide greater flexibility Manufacturing execution systems (MES) are a key enabler for best-in-class manufacturing operations excellence. Successful manufacturing organizations recognize that MES is the third leg of critical enterprise systems, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product lifecycle management (PLM). But in the past, MES solutions have frequently overpromised and underdelivered as deployed

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