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September 23, 2021

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For U.S. Army veteran and Shelby native, Stanley Whitaker, the surprise his neighbor, spray paint artist Darrell Endicott had for him thoroughly caught him off guard – but in a good way! Whitaker, 72, served in the Army from 1969-1970, was "in country" at Phu Bai, serving fi rst with the infantry, then later as a .60-caliber door gunner on a Huey helicopter, providing protection for his fellow soldiers as they were dropped in to, or taken out of a hot spot, depending on the mission, he said. "I also had some time on the .50 (caliber heavy machine gun)," said Mr. Whitaker, who left the Army as an E-5, or sergeant, and still proudly wears his baseball cap, telling everyone he is a Vietnam War veteran. Whitaker, a member of the Disabled American Veterans, added he was in the Army for 11 months. By contrast, his artistic neighbor, Darrell Endicott, is a young man whose only weapon is a can of spray paint or the odd pen, pencil or paint brush he might use to draw an idea he wants to eventually paint. Endicott said he began his art career in earnest the Summer of 1992 and has been working as steadily at it as he can since. The father of three has done mural art for a number of local clients and has plans to do many more. Additionally, Darrell has done a couple of Cleveland County schools' "Spirit Rocks". "I've done mural art at the Elder Law offi ces uptown as well as for Cross Fit gym," he said. Endicott is a 2000 Cleveland Community College grad, with an associate in art. He defi nes his style as that of a muralist, doing spray can comic-style artwork and illustration for the past two to three years. Endicott was inspired to do the mural on the Whitakers' shed because, "Stanley enjoys my art, and plus, he's an awesome neighbor!" For his part, Stanley said of Darrell's work, "I think it's amazing!" The Whitakers – Stanley and Cindy – have been married for 20 years and have three children. Endicott said he is "non-political" with his art, adding, "It is a way to show appreciation for your fellow man; in this case, my neighbor. As for the mural, I like the way the 'chopper' blades appear to be blowing the clouds. It speaks to me." To contact Mr. Endicott, a.k.a. "Doc Rocktopus", about possibly him doing a mural for you or your business, email him at, or call him at 980-729-0242. WE ARE NOW OFFERING WE ARE NOW OFFERING QUALITY SERVICE AT AFFORDABLE PRICES QUALITY SERVICE AT AFFORDABLE PRICES Michael Harton, Doug Harton Jr., Owner 187 North Powell Street, Forest City 828-245-0923 ADAS Calibration In House On Vehicles ADAS Calibration In House On Vehicles Equipped With Front-View Cameras Equipped With Front-View Cameras ISSUE NO. 38 • September 23, ISSUE NO. 38 • September 23, 2021 • 2021 • • 828-248-1408 • 828-248-1408 Our 29 th Year • Over 25,000 Weekly Readers N.C. TRACTOR & FARM SUPPLY 299 Railroad Ave., Rutherfordton • 828-288-0395 Mobile: 828-429-5008 • IF YOU BUY ANYWHERE ELSE YOU WILL PAY TOO MUCH! IF YOU BUY ANYWHERE ELSE YOU WILL PAY TOO MUCH! PROUDLY SERVING RUTHERFORD, CLEVELAND, GASTON, LINCOLN, POLK COUNTIES AS THE AREAS HOMETOWN MASSEY FERGUSON DEALER. Story & Photos by MICHAEL E. POWELL Writer – CF Media • IN GOD WE TRUST! IN GOD WE TRUST! Shelby artist gives Army veteran a pleasant (and colorful) surprise Mural artist Darrell Endicott (left) stands next to his most recent mural, done for his neighbor and friend, Vietnam veteran, former U.S. Army Sgt. Stanley Whitaker. This portion of the mural is of a Huey gunship, similar to what Sgt. Whitaker was on as a door gunner. A closeup of the Huey gunship mural done on the side of Shelby native, Stanley Whitaker's shed by his friend and neighbor, muralist Darrell Endicott. Shelby mural artist Darrell Endicott painted this majestic bald eagle on his art studio, which is located behind his house. The huge American fl ag-themed mural done on the side of Shelby veteran Stanley Whitaker's shed by muralist Darrell Endicott. Endicott, Whitaker's neighbor, said he wanted to do something nice for his friend and neighbor, Whitaker, to honor his service in the military.

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