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July 31, 2015

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VOL. 97, NO. 154 2 SECTIONS, 20 PAGES FRIDAY, JULY 31, 2015 DAILY 75¢, SUNDAY $1.50 TODAY: Some sun today. High of 95. FORECAST, 10A Index-Journal is published with pride for the people of the Lake- lands. You are important to us. If you miss your paper, please call 223-1413 (before noon on weekends). Inside today's edition ■ ABBY 5A ■ BUSINESS 10A ■ CALENDAR 2A ■ CLASSIFIEDS 6B-10B ■ COMICS 5B ■ EDITORIALS 8A ■ ENTERTAINMENT 5A ■ LOTTERY 5A ■ MARKETS 4B ■ OBITUARIES 4A ■ SPORTS 1B-3B Index-Journal is committed to editorial excellence. To report an error, contact Executive Editor Richard Whiting at 943-2522 or SC gay marriage plaintiffs can now seek legal fees C HA R L E STON — Now t h at the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled same-sex marriage is the law of the land, the way is clear for couples who challenged South Carolina's gay marriage ban in the federal courts to seek tens of thousands of dollars in court costs. Same-sex couples earlier sued in Charleston and Columbia for the right to be married or for the state to recognize their marriages performed out of state. While a 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision cleared the way for gay marriages in South Carolina and other states in the circuit last year, state Attorney General Alan Wilson appealed — arguing a decision by another circuit upholding gay mar- riage bans would have to be resolved by the Supreme Court. The 4th Circuit combined the S out h C arolina cas es and put requests for attorney fees on hold until there was a decision by the Supreme Court. That decision came last month. Last week, the 4th Circuit granted Wilson's motion to voluntarily end the appeal. Federal judges in both Columbia and Charleston have now set court schedules for resolving the issue of attorney fees. In the Charleston case, attorneys for Colleen Condon and her partner Nichols Bleckley, who sued last year to get a marriage license, have asked to be reimbursed $153,000 in legal fees. The figure represents 446 hours of work by seven attorneys. In the second South Carolina case, which has been in the courts for almost two years, Highway Patrol Trooper Katherine Bradacs and U.S. Air Force retiree Tracie Goodwin sued to have the state to recognize their same-sex mar- riage that was earlier performed in Washington, D.C. Their attorneys have not yet filed for fees, but court documents show that a federal judge has now given them until Tuesday to do so. Judges can order losing parties to pay opponents' fees, especially in civil rights cases. By BRUCE SMITH Associated Press PHOTOS BY MADDY JONES | INDEX-JOURNAL Children react after placing Mentos candies inside a Coca-Cola as part of a science experiment GLEAMNS Summer Enrichment Program Thursday. GLEAMNS summer program comes to an end A s the heat continues, the end of summer nears for Greenwood students with the beginning of the school year just weeks away. About 30 students, ages 7-14, went out with a bang Thursday at the GLEAMNS Summer Enrichment Program that focused on computer technology, math, writing, art and science. "It serves as a really good bridge for what they did at the end of this past school year and what they'll pick up in the upcoming school year," Shunna Vance, chief operations officer for GLEAMNS, said. The program took advantage of the Magic Johnson Community Empowerment Center at GLEAMNS, local college students and high school graduates and a $25,000 gift from the Self Family Foundation. By COLIN RIDDLE OUT WITH A BANG Kids place Pop Rocks candies into soda and then fasten a balloon on to watch the chemical reaction Thursday at the GLEAMNS Summer Enrichment Program. See GLEAMNS, page 4A ■ GREENWOOD Partnership could be new home for Indicators coordinator It's easy being the new kid in town when you have some friends in high places. As the Greenwood Community Indicators Project continues to heat up after task forces assessed local programs and initiatives last month that identify with the project's focus areas generated last year, new stages are beginning to unfold. While the coali- tion of the six orga- nizations backing the project searches for a coordinator to head its efforts in funneling funds and support toward Greenwood's proven programs, finding a home for the professional is next. By COLIN RIDDLE LINDA DOLNY See PARTNERSHIP, page 4A Craigo prepared for 1st practice with Ware Shoals See Sports, B1 ■ WARE SHOALS WARE SHOALS Energy efficien- cy isn't just about saving the environ- ment, it can also save your wallet. For 220 low-income homes in Ware Shoals, an energy-efficiency program that Duke Energy started on May 19 has come to its close, and those home- owners are now set to save money every month on their power bill. Homes that participated in the Neighborhood Energy Program were assessed for issues that might be raising their power bill, and had many of those issues fixed at no cost to the homeown- ers. By putting in or replacing any combination of CFL lightbulbs, door sweeps, caulking, pipe insulation and even furnace filters, Duke helped outfit low-income homes in the area with the tools necessary to save electricity and money. "There are a few people in town here who have to make the choice every month, 'Do I pay bills or buy my medi- cation?' " said Ware Shoals Mayor John Hansen. Hansen said these money-saving measures also are an opportunity for residents to learn more about how to live more efficiently. By DAMIAN DOMINGUEZ Efficiency program saving more than just energy See ENERGY, page 4A

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