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November 22, 2014

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TODAY: Sunny and pleasant. High in the 50s. FORECAST, 10A Index-Journal is published with pride for the people of the Lake- lands. You are important to us. If you miss your paper, please call 223-1413 (before noon on weekends). Inside today's edition n BUSINESS 10A n CALENDAR 2A n CLASSIFIEDS 8B-12B n COMICS 7B n EDITORIALS 9A n ENTERTAINMENT 5A n FAITH 6A n LOTTERY 5A n MARKETS 6B n OBITUARIES 4A n SPORTS 1B-5B Index-Journal is committed to editorial excellence. To report an error, contact Executive Editor Richard Whiting at 943-2522 or VOL. 96, NO. 178 2 SECTIONS, 22 PAGES SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2014 DAILY 75¢, SUNDAY $1.50 HIGH SCHOOL PLAYOFFS Who won, who lost, who's closer to glory? Find out on 1 & 10, page 1B Cambridge Academy first-graders sing the Schoolhouse Rock song "Unpack your Adjectives" to a packed gymnasium Friday for their Grandparents and Special Friends Day Program. SC jobless rate climbs again COLUMBIA — The job- less rate in South Carolina rose for the fourth month in a row, with the state's seasonally adjusted rate increasing slightly from 6.6 percent in September to 6.7 percent in October, offi- cials said Friday. In a news release, the South C a ro l i n a D e p a r t m e nt of Employment and Workforce said the estimated number of unemployed people in the state rose by 2,291 in September from a month earlier, reaching 146,713. Nationally, the unemploy- ment rate went down last month, dropping to 5.8 percent By SUSANNE M. SCHAFER Associated Press County Oct. 2014 Sept. 2014 %change McCormick County 8.7% 8.9% -0.2% Abbeville County 7.2% 7.2% 0.0% Greenwood County 7.0% 7.2% -0.2% Saluda County 5.1% 5.6% -0.5% SOURCE: SOUTH CAROLINA DEPT. OF EMPLOYMENT AND WORKFOCE JOBLESS RATE IN THE LAKELANDS Lakelands counties report primarily lower numbers for October See JOBLESS, page 4A A lex and Nancy Parra- more left their Georgia home in the wee hours of the morning to see their grandchildren perform as part of Cambridge Academy's annual Grandparents and Special Friends Day program. Students performed a variety of classic Schoolhouse Rock num- bers such as "Conjunction Junc- tion," "Interplanet Janet," and "The Preamble." Each year, the program, put together by music teacher Becky Gardner, changes, according to Director of Market- ing and Development Kim Mas- ters. By KATE HRUBY PHOTOS BY MADDY JONES | INDEX-JOURNAL A grandparent shows a sign of love to her grandchild while Cambridge Academy students sing a song to their grandparents Friday at the Grandparents and Special Friends Day. CELEBRATING GRANDPARENTS Cambridge students perform during annual program See CAMBRIDGE, page 4A Train revitalization on track In 1906, it was hurtling down the center of Main Street in Uptown with visitors, those returning home, a few to conduct some business. Now, more than 100 years later, Greenwood Union Station is no more, and the train sits in The Museum's possession waiting for a fresh coat of paint, asbestos treatment and the touch of visi- tors. In 2012, The Museum started a plan to reinvigorate the depot and a train, complete with engine, diner car, sleeper car and passen- ger car. In its fourth bid round, The Museum is short $306,626 to complete Phase 1, which entails complete train restoration in order for it to be open and safe for the public. "If we can complete this first phase in a timely manner, it will By COLIN RIDDLE STACEY THOMPSON The Museum seeks funds to finish Phase 1 of project See TRACK, page 4A

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