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November 27, 2014

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TODAY: Mostly sunny and breezy. In the uppers 50s. FORECAST, 12A Index-Journal is published with pride for the people of the Lake- lands. You are important to us. If you miss your paper, please call 223-1413 (before noon on weekends). Inside today's edition ■ ABBY 6A ■ CALENDAR 2A ■ CLASSIFIEDS 7B-10B ■ COMICS 6B ■ EDITORIALS 10A ■ ENTERTAINMENT 6A ■ LOTTERY 6A ■ MARKETS 5B ■ OBITUARIES 4A ■ SPORTS 1B-4B Index-Journal is committed to editorial excellence. To report an error, contact Executive Editor Richard Whiting at 943-2522 or VOL. 96, NO. 184 3 SECTIONS, 26 PAGES THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 2014 DAILY 75¢, SUNDAY $1.50 Pre-exisiting legislation could address ruling State legislators may not have to look far to address the Nov. 12 state Supreme Court decision on Abbeville County School District et al. v. The State of South Carolina that ruled in favor of poor, rural school districts and mandated legislative action. According to Ray Wilson, Execu- tive Director of the Western Pied- mont Education Consortium, an organization comprised of 12 local school districts including the Green- wood 50, Greenwood 51 (Ware Shoals), Greenwood 52 (Ninety Six), Abbeville, McCormick and Saluda school districts, the South Caro- lina Jobs Education and Tax Act (commonly referred to as SC JET) could provide a solution to the state Supreme Court decision. The deci- sion requires the state legislature fix the state's education funding mecha- nisms to provide these districts with the constitutionally mandated "mini- mally adequate education." General Counsel and in-coming South Carolina School Boards Asso- ciation Executive Director Scott Price said the bill was created through a collaboration of the School Boards Association, South Carolina Asso- ciation of School Administrators, and South Carolina Association of School Business Officials, with help from the Childs & Halligan law firm, a firm specializing in school law. On Monday, Price said the col- laborators have been working on SC JET for the past three to four years to address the "egregious" issues of Act 388, which eliminated homeowner property taxes as a source of educa- tion funding. He said the plan was not created for the sole purpose of addressing the court case, but said the fact that such a case was pend- ing at the time of the plan's creation By KATE HRUBY Solution on ruling regarding school funding Greenwood woman arrested for ill treatment of dog Kristen Rose Haralson, 26, of 520 W. Deadfall Road in Greenwood, reported Tues- day to the Greenwood County Detention Center after war- rants were obtained last week for her arrest. Haralson was arrested by the Greenwood County Sheriff 's Office on charges of ill treatment of ani- mals and making a false report to police. On Oct. 18, county deputies met with a woman who said a stray dog bred with her pitbull. The woman told deputies there was problems before with the dog coming onto her prop- erty. A short t i me l ate r a w o m a n called 911 and said a woman and a man were in her yard r e t r i e v i n g two pitbulls. The woman noticed one of the dogs was bleeding from a large gash at the throat. Deputies noticed on the way to the 911 call that a woman had two pitbulls in the back of a truck and later tied the injured dog to a porch. Depu- ties said the woman told them her "baby's daddy" cut the dog's throat because it was bred by another dog and he thought it was her fault. She said she owned the dog and did not want the man to go to jail. She also told deputies they cared more about the dog than the man she was accusing. The woman went into her home and carried out an 8-inch kitchen knife ready to kill the dog so she instead of the man would be arrest- ed and charged, according to the incident report. As she went toward the tied-up dog, a deputy drew his stun gun and pointed it at the woman. The woman's father, who was already in the yard, grabbed and restrained her until she dropped the knife. The dep- uty did not activate the stun gun, according to the incident report. The father of the woman By DANIEL PERRY KRISTEN ROSE HARALSON SUBMITTED "Bella" has been in the care of the Humane Society of Greenwood since late October, when its throat was slashed. A mutual relationship PHOTOS BY MADDY JONES | INDEX-JOURNAL TOP: Volunteers Laura and Neil Hollingsworth ring the doorbell of a senior Greenwood resident to deliver a fresh, hot meal Wednesday. BOTTOM: Joan Rowlings welcomes Laura Hollingsworth into her home as part of the Meals on Wheels run by the Piedmont Agency on the Aging. Meals on Wheels volunteers are thankful to serve A hot meal, a delivery service, a minor repair or a kind word. There's little things in life that have quick potential to be overlooked forgotten in the essence of needing, wanting more. On a day misconstrued at times from its origin and purpose as many holidays can come accustomed to, Thanksgiving lends a quick reminder in the two words forged together to construct the title of a day for which all are charged to simply give thanks. During the many festive meals and traditions from the family Christmas tree outing to enjoying the year's only weekday of multiple NFL match-ups or ravaging the store racks for discount- ed merchandise, there will be hundreds, thousands of Greenwood residents travel- ling to the Soup Kitchen or receiving a Thanksgiving meal from an area church or Meals on Wheels volunteers. Some without families, some with families too far away, some with lim- ited mobility. These folks, mostly elderly, will be seeing familiar faces, perhaps new the many volunteers who donate their time to deliver a much-needed meal. The Piedmont Agency on Aging's Meals on Wheels serves 550 meals per day, according to the Piedmont Agency on Aging Nutrition Center manager Lynn Cock- rell, with 75 to 100 meals By COLIN RIDDLE Inside: A record-setting number of advertising inserts to launch your Black Friday shopping! See FUNDING, page 4A See DOG, page 4A See MEALS, page 4A 56764

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