January 18, 2018

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1 • Thursday, January 18, 2018 | The Stanly News & Press LOCAL CONTENT (CLIENT WILL FILL) Albemarle Hearing Center 2 x 2 Deese Electric 2 x 2 Pride Plumbing 2 x 2 Norwood Dental Center 2 x 4 Starnes Jewelers 3 x 2 THURSDAY, JANUARY18, 2018 u STANLYNEWS & PRESS R R A A VE VE T V L T V L I S T I N G S I S T I N G S , A , A R T S R T S & E & E N T E R TA I N M E N T N T E R TA I N M E N T DEESE Electric HEATING & COOLING RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL 704-982-4276 DEESE DEESE RESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL TING COOLING & HEA HEATING 704-982-4276 • All Brands of Equipment Service & Repair • Installations • Maintenance & Service Contracts • Special Financing DEESE Electric DEESE COOLING RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL p A T op A T t o S d T d To S r a s H s Ha 's H t I 704-982-4276 All Brands of Equipment Maintenance & Service Contracts ur H o f y l o l r a o l us f l us fo l a C ds. e g ne lin o o nd C a y & ty & n u o y C ly C n a t g S ng S i v r e S 1 e 1 inc S s a e r A g A undin o r ur S RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL e! n a r p A T p A Tr g in t a e ur H ds. y & 6 6 9 1 0870134980 a h c Albemarle Hearing Center Linda McDaniel Hearing Instrument Specialist, Owner 704-982-8004 • 1-800-982-7478 111 Penny Street • Albemarle, NC No Interest Payment Plans Available Premium Batteries $ 6.00 per package Try our new Muse ™ hearing aids, the next generation of wireless hearing technology designed to help you better understand conversations and hear comfortably in noisy environments. MENTION THIS AD AND RECEIVE $10 OFF YOUR NEXT SERVICE CALL. www.plumbingpride.com 704-982-5027 0870111563 NOW OPEN SATURDAYS AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!!! 0870134839 311 S. Main Street | Norwood, NC 28128 704-474-3152 www.norwooddentalclinic.com "I am a seasonal resident and found Norwood Dental several years ago. I am so pleased that they now take care of ALL of my dental needs. Everyone is very professional, personable, and they ease the tension of being at the dentist, Facilities are state-of-the-art." Sharon T. Our mission is providing a world-class experience for our patients. Our team values and strives for incredible comprehensive dental care in a compassionate, professional and state-of-the-art environment. k h h d t l n u d fo n t a n e d i s e l r a n o s a e m a s "I a ofessional and state-of-the-art envir in a compassionate, pr Our team values and strives for incr oviding a world-class experience for our patients. Our mission is pr d l n y d e of ALL of m o go rs a rs ag a e l y a r e v e l s a ta n e d D o o w r o d N d No n onment. ofessional and state-of-the-art envir ehensive dental car edible compr Our team values and strives for incr oviding a world-class experience for our patients. . I o onment. e ehensive dental car oviding a world-class experience for our patients. eet | Norwood, NC 28128 311 S. Main Str 704-474-3152 .norwooddentalcl www , r, e t i s as rk L a M e-a h e-of-t e-of-th t a ta e s re s s a e ti i il c a t, F t, Fa s ti n e d n e, a l b a n o rs e , p l, p a n o i s s ofe rofe y p ry p e s v i e c k a w t w ta o y n ey n h t t t th a h d t e s a e l o p m s a g in ne K y ay Wa .S. .D D eet | Norwood, NC 28128 704-474-3152 inic.com .norwooddentalcl " t. r e-a t t g a ng a i e n of b o i s n e e t e te h e t e th s a y e ey e h d t n y ry e v s. E s. Ev d e e l n a ta n e y d e of ALL of m e of ALL of my d r a e c t) is t n do ndo .S. (E .D D , g .S. .D D n, o to hel r S umme S | .S. . T. n aro h S 0870134839 e h t th e n o y .S. .LWFKHQV%DWKV'HFNV3RUFKHV:LQGRZV'RRUV,QVXODWLRQ5RRILQJ ALL TYPES INTERIOR & EXTERIOR HOME IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS ZZZWKHFDUSHQWHUVZD\RUJ (PDLOFRQWDFWXV#WKHFDUSHQWHUVZD\RUJ +RPH5HPRGHOLQJ 5HSDLUV The Carpenters Way of NC *HQHUDO&RQWUDFWRU /LFHQVHG ,QVXUHG K W L . K W % N ' G L : K 3 ' L W O , L I 5 R & O RI E T N I S E TYP L TYP L A ( F O L D P H S U D F H K W # V X W F D W Q R ZZZWKHFDUSHQWH * R O RI TE X E R & E V O R MP I ME O H J U R \ D Z V U H W Q H * UVZD\RU * J D U H Q H * & G T W W N ME TS C E J RO P U & G R W F D U W Q R & O O D G L H L V Q H F L G 134876 , H , U X V Q , 134876 134876 AHS prepares for 'Steel Magnolias'

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