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June 28, 2015

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Man vs. beast Billy Burke, Kristen Connolly and Nonso Anozie in "Zoo" FOR THE WEEK OF JUNE 28 - JULY 4, 2015 TV INDEX Published by the - Story on page 10 - Turner's 2 x 3" James Patterson's No. 1 best-selling novel comes to the small screen with "Zoo," a series that tosses all of mankind's comfort in being the planet's dominant species out the window. When a wave of vicious and cunning animal attacks on humans becomes a worldwide crisis, it becomes clear that this is far from normal animal activity. Catch the thrilling premiere of "Zoo" when it airs Tuesday, June 30, on CBS. Badcock 2 x 5" R NO Credit REFUSED see store for details Sale starts June 30th 716 Hwy. 28 By-pass !""%6),,% s -/.n&2) !-n0- s 3!4 !-n0- 35. 0- 0- 1302 By-pass 72 NE '2%%.7//$ s -/. 45%3 7%$ &2) !-n0- s 4(52 !-n0- 3!4 !-n0- s 35. !- 0- Prices and offers effective June 30 - July 13, 2015 Y O U R E N T I R E P U R C H A S E WHEN YOU OPEN A NEW BADCOCK ACCOUNT 4PUPT\T ÄUHUJLK,_JS\KLZPU[LYLZ[:HTLHZ*HZO (JJV\U[Z,_JS\KLZP*VTMVY[,_JS\KLZ4VOH^R3\_\Y`=PU`S ;HYRL[[-PILY-SVVY:LLZHSLZHZZVJPH[LH[WHY[PJPWH[PUNZ[VYLZ OFF 20 % when you purchase a Legends Signature Restful Retreat or Serta Signature Imperial Sky mattress set X\LLUZL[ $ 1299 95 ࠮RPUNZL[ $ 1699 95 when you purchase a Legends Signature Luxury Cloud mattress set X\LLUZL[ $ 999 95 ࠮RPUNZL[ $ 1399 95 ANY BED * UP TO $399.95 FREE ANY BED * FREE 23 BEDS TO CHOOSE FROM! 44 BEDS TO CHOOSE FROM! SAVE up to $1369.85 32" LED TV " " L LG FREE *Queen and king size only. Mattress set and bed must be same size. Cannot be combined with any V[OLYILKKPUNVɈLYBed includes headboard, footboard & rails. BUY THE MATTRESS SET & GET A FREE 32" TV OR FREE BED! *

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