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A d v e r t i s e m e n t O f T a x L i e n s O n R e a l E s t a t e F o r 2 0 1 7 Under and by virtue of the authority vested in me by Section 105-369 of the North Carolina General Statutes and pursuant to an order of the Board of Commissioners of Wayne County, I am hereby advertising tax liens for the year 2017 upon the real estate described herein. The amount advertised does include interest and advertising costs through April 30, 2018. Any omission of interest and advertising costs from the amount advertised will not constitute a waiver of the taxing unit's claim for these items. The real estate that is subject to the lien, and the name of the owner as of the day the property became delinquent, January 6, 2018, and the principal amount of taxes due with interest and advertising costs through April 30, 2018, are set out herein. Interest will continue to accrue monthly, beginning the first business day of each month until the delinquent amount is paid in full. If the taxes remain unpaid, the lien may be foreclosed and the real property subject to the liens will be sold in satisfaction of the taxing unit's claim for taxes. These collection procedures do not apply to taxpayers which may be under a current US Bankruptcy plan. This list reflects real property payments received in this office by 5:00PM, April 2, 2018. Alan Lumpkin Wayne County Tax Administrator Wayne County 2017 Delinquent Real Estate Taxes

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