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50 | May/June 2017 Sarah Knox, Owner of At Ease Candles, JAG Criminal Litigator & Veteran Sarah Knox is one of those rare personalities that is equal parts brilliant and down-to-earth. She doesn't brag about her 12 years as a defense lawyer for JAG. Instead she pours her same conviction and intention into her candles. Find out more at ateasecandles. com. Q: What is behind the name "At Ease?" A: e military command in formation is not completely relaxed, but relaxed enough to talk. I'm at ease now and out of the military. It's taking it easy. Everything has a double meaning. Q: When did you decide to get into the candle making business? A: I never thought I'd be "the candle lady." I always loved candles, but I hated what was available. Now, I sell the same candles that I burn in my own home. Q: Your line of candles are witty and full of character. Where does this stem from? A: I come from a big Catholic family in Charleston, South Carolina. I am one of 11 kids. Everybody is funny. When dealing with criminal felonies and murders, you have to have a sense of humor. Q: How does the process go for creating a custom scent? A: 1. Start with the words. at's the connection. 2. Use essential oils to create the scent. 3. Begin the science experiment. 4. en we look at samples, see what it smells like cold (unlit) and hot (lit) and go from there. Finally, I'll think about packaging. Q: What step is your favorite? Pouring the batches? Naming the candles? A: Actually it's building connections. I think people buy something that has a connection, if, say someone can look at a candle and laugh. e biggest Knox was a defense lawyer for JAG for 12 years. Her At Ease line of candles is a take on the military command of being "at ease" in formation.

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