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30 | October 2020 A dults are not the only ones who can appreciate the value of a good friendship. The demands of mi litar y life can be stressf u l for anyone, but par ticu larly for the youngest members of the fami ly. For many chi ldren of mi litar y fami lies, f riendships necessari ly come and go. Sometimes, however, a friendship just has certain qualities that give it a measure of resilience. at's what has happened with Danny and Jack Kearney and Lillian and Eleanor Pence. When the Kearney family relocated to Fort Bragg in the summer of 2017, it was the fih move for Danny, then 9, and Jack, who was 6. e all-too-familiar sight of boxes, a packed moving van and an overwhelming feeling of newness had been a part of the brothers' lives since they were born. So they weren't surprised when, having just wrapped up their first school year at Fort Bragg, they noticed a moving truck parked outside the house next door. It wasn't until their mom pointed out that their new neighbors had daughters about their same age that Danny went over and introduced himself. "I went over one day, we had fun, and it became a recurring thing," Danny said. With each passing day, they said, Danny and Jack and their new friends, Lillian and Eleanor Pence, realized they had similar personalities. Lillian and Danny, the quieter siblings, would rather Young Friends Michelle Kurilla, from a military famiy herself, writes about some youngsters who have remained friends over the years. By Michelle Kurilla fascinating fayetteville Faces of Friendship

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