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July 25, 2014

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5090 S HWY 27 • SOMERSET, KY 42501 • AT STOPLIGHT #28 • 606-677-1101 WWW.HYUNDAIOFSOMERSET.COM HYUNDAI OF SOMERSET Home of "I'm WILL and I WILL get you approved!" ON THE WEB INSIDE TODAY APPLAUSE A8 CLASSIFIEDS C1 OBITUARIES A3 OPINION A4 SPORTS B1 WEATHER A2 BY BILL MARDIS COMMONWEALTH JOURNAL "We're all going to have to learn about it, so we may as well get to it." That's the attitude of veteran Pu- laski Circuit Clerk George Flynn to a plan of Kentucky state courts to be accepting court cases electroni- cally in all 120 counties by the end of 2015. Leigh-Anne Hiatt, public infor- mation officer for the Administra- tive Office of the Courts (AOC), said AOC is mov- ing quickly to implement eFiling as part of the Judicial Branch's plan to better serve those who de- pend on the state court system. "Our 2013 launch in Franklin County began a two-year process to im- plement eFil- ing statewide," AOC director Laurie K. Dudgeon said. "I'm looking forward to Kentucky catching up with the fed- eral courts and the other state courts that have been providing this valu- able service for years." Switching from paper filing to eFiling is going to be a massive job for circuit clerks with workloads like Pulaski circuit and district courts that handle up to 20,000 JUDAH TAYLOR I CJ GOLDEN FIN-ISH The gold fish toss at Pulaski County Fair had a steep learning curve for Ryan Wat- ters, 4, who couldn't hit the inside of a fish bowl on his first throw...or any of his following dozen. But his father, Lee Wat- ters, bought as many ping pong balls as it took, and Ryan's frustration quickly turned to joy when he finally earned the goldfish he wanted. BY BILL MARDIS COMMONWEALTH JOURNAL C an you remem- ber when a service station atten- dant cleaned your car's windshield, checked engine oil and tire pressure when you stopped for gaso- line? Do you recall the "starter" on a set of dishes given when you filled the tank? If you answered "yes" to either question, you are probably walking with the aid of a cane and smell like liniment. All the controversy, back- biting and finger-pointing going on these days be- cause Somerset is selling gasoline to the public took us on a trip down memory lane to the days when there weren't two cars in every garage and folks only walked when they were going somewhere. And no- body jogged. Matter of fact, if you saw somebody run- ning down the road there JUDAH TAYLOR I CJ Sheila Sears, a 19-year veteran of the Pulaski Circuit Court Clerk's of- fice, reviews some of the thou- sands of court records that the state plans to digitize. State courts going digital ROGERS PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTO Norman I. Taylor, left, owner of George P. Taylor Produce Company in Old Burnside, and George Burgress, employee of Gris- som Rakestraw Lumber Company, stand outside a Tex- aco Service Station next to Seven Gables Motel in Burnside. Gasoline sold for 12-13 cents a gallon when this photograph was taken in the late 1940s, according to Jim Brooks, former mayor of Burnside. Fond recollections of Pulaski's gasoline alley SEE GASOLINE ALLEY, A5 SEE GOING DIGITAL, A3 COUNTY FAIR SCHEDULE Today 5:00 — Ag Exhibits and Ugly Lamp Competition (at the Showcase Place). 8:00 — 8:00 — Large Car Demoli- tion Derby; Lawn Mower Derby (at the Main Area). Saturday 5:00 — Ag Exhibits and Ugly Lamp Competition (at the Showcase Place). 8:00 — KTPA Truck and Tractor Pull (at the Main Area). ''Moving from a paper- based environment to one that is primarily electronic will transform the way Kentucky courts do business." John B. Minton Chief Justice Kentucky Supreme Court VOL. 49 NO. 178 SOMERSET, KENTUCKY 50 CENTS FRIDAY, JULY 25, 2014 'LUCY' TAKES ON THE BOX OFFICE | A9 Commonwealth Journal Switch from paper to eFiling should help streamline system

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