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Communications Edition • Enterprise—When an employee walks into a corporate building with his or her own smartphone or tablet, M2M makes it possible to detect the device and automatically configure a container around it for business use with enterprise controls. When the employee exits the building, it is again detected automatically, and the controls are lifted. This makes the use of personal devices for business seamless for employees. • Retail—A retailer guides customers to what they're looking for when they are shopping in a mall. The retailer uses M2M to interact with customers via smartphone, and offers incentives for purchases when customers are in the store's vicinity. 9. customers, carriers must work with partners to complete the ecosystem. HP helps carriers build a profitable M2M ecosystem with: • Traffic balancing—HP helps carriers optimize profitability by determining which network to use for M2M traffic. For example, the solution weighs the convenience and ubiquity of LTE versus the cost advantages of moving small data on 2G. • Platform services—HP provides a M2M service platform that allows carriers to connect to machines, manage machines, and connect to the application services layer. • Application services—In certain markets, HP provides ready-to-use, revenue• Utilities—Promoting operational efficiency generating applications. For instance, in through the green agenda, M2M brings data to the utilities market, HP solutions provide a people. In the utilities industry, smart meters single, comprehensive view of smart grid not only replace human meter readers, they and information network operations. It adds provide comprehensive usage information value by providing meter data management in near real time that both the utility and its as well as event management capabilities for customers can access via the cloud. near real-time problem diagnostics. Build a profitable M2M ecosystem Implementing M2M involves an entire ecosystem that includes connectivity, platform services, application services, as well as integration, consulting, and analytics services. To present a complete solution to their • Integration, consulting, and analytics—One of the best ways carriers can add value is to help the customer understand what they can learn from M2M data and build in analytics upfront. HP has expertise in your customers' vertical markets and can deliver integration, consulting, and analytics services to get the most out of M2M data.

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