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Communications Edition 7 M2M best practices for mobile providers 1. Realize that M2M is different from your core business and requires different market skills. Build M2M as a separate business with different KPIs. 2. Make sure you have global connectivity with local sales. To compete in a market such as fleet telematics asset tracking, your platform must operate globally, but to grow the business, you must understand local requirements and regulations. 3. Participate in industry standards. Cooperation between network operators is key to growing the M2M market. 4. Be flexible about technologies such as operating systems as well as management systems. Machines come in all shapes and sizes. 5. Think carefully about your pricing, taking into account costs to deliver as well as perceived value. Some machines may output an unending stream of data while others, such as medical devices, may be critical to life-or-death decisions. Have your business and financial analysts work closely with the people designing the M2M solution to get your pricing right for the market. 6. Grow in the vertical markets you know. While the M2M network and platform are horizontal solutions, the applications are highly tailored to specific vertical markets. If you've already built partnerships and developed an expertise in a particular vertical market, look to grow within that market to take advantage of your expertise and existing partnerships. 7. Be proactive about analytics. Make analytics part of your offering. Instead of just billing for data from machines, demonstrate the value of finding insights in the data from a fleet of machines. 11.

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