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Media & Entertainment 5. Six trends transforming media and entertainment The media and entertainment industry is going through an unprecedented transformation driven by the rapid consumer adoption of new devices, streaming media, high-bandwidth networks, social media platforms, and other amazing technology advancements. But the cultural impact these innovations have in the way audiences now access, select, share, and consume media is even more profound. Innovative solutions are available to help companies keep pace with these digital and cultural changes to engage consumers with targeted, branded, and compelling content delivered across traditional, digital, social, or any other channel they may prefer. Six key trends illustrate the ways leading media and entertainment companies are seizing the digital stage to play to an evolving audience. Audiences are consuming media across multiple channels Trend #1 Consumers can no longer be counted on to sit at home and passively watch the programming served up to them by television or cable companies. Rather, the overarching trend is for consumers to view, listen, follow, and actively engage with the content being delivered without regard to the medium, company, or channel delivering it.

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