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Media & Entertainment Serving it up the way they like it Today, customers are telling you what they think through multiple channels, including social media. Listening to—and acting on— this input gives you a competitive edge in the way you manage, repurpose, and deliver media assets to the market. A few of the things rich media asset management can do for you include: Monitor social media conversations and videosharing websites to get a better understanding of what people love and hate so you can push content to those venues in the right format, including mobile. Media asset management helps you create a consistent brand experience across all channels, which enables you to avoid the inconsistencies that cause disorientation and dissatisfaction. In addition, keeping a close eye on what is being said and done online, in the call center, in the media, etc. allows you to meet the expectations of instant availability in an alwayson mobile culture. Monetize media assets by making them easier to access, edit, and subsequently ingest during promotional campaigns, thereby facilitating efficient asset manipulation and an expedited give-and-take of content for digital professionals located around the world. Search-based content can be recut and repurposed for subscriptionbased services, location-based mobile offers, and other opportunities as the technologies and trends of consumer access evolve. 33. Secure valuable content. The media and entertainment industry is painfully aware of hackers who want to use your content without permission to drive their own revenue streams. Media asset management helps you control who has digital content rights, provide access only to the content they have rights to, set timeframes for how long they can use it, and keep records on what occurs. Content also can be watermarked for tracking and to help identify copyright infringement. Advanced rich media asset management solutions provide security across multiple layers: at the data center, or via cloud-hosting, all with encryption, and based in the application itself. Analyze changing tastes and trends. The big data analysis capabilities of leading asset management solutions bring structured and unstructured data together to provide better insights into the public's shifting preferences and the evolving ways they like to consume media and entertainment. HP Digital Library Solutions HP Digital Library Solutions are delivered as a flexible and scalable cloud-based Solution as a Service with consumption-based pricing to minimize capital outlays. They provide a unique end-to-end integrated solution for digital asset management and intellectual property management with selectable services including:

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