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Media & Entertainment 27. Deliver an exceptional user experience with real-time analytics Today, media and entertainment companies face a dynamic and ever-changing environment where customers drive decisions at the speed of Twitter and Facebook, often making or breaking a new game, show, movie, book, or website through the power of social media. Moreover, socially aware consumers have the power to drive demand both toward and away from media and entertainment properties. This forces decisions at media and entertainment companies to be made both in response to, and in anticipation of, demand. For example, where should a company invest its marketing dollars to tap into expanding audience demand for certain types of content while avoiding wasting money on a has-been property? Further, companies need to plan for physical distribution and network capacity to meet spikes and valleys in demand. Robust, real-time analytics can master the new data storm Media and entertainment executives can access this wealth of new data in real time, including the information about their company and products that is shared across multiple social media channels, and then correlate it with their own customer, network, performance, and support data. This provides the opportunity for more effective decision-making and keeping pace or getting ahead of audience preferences to guide the conversation.

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