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Media & Entertainment 15. Mobile performance engineering helps score touchdowns with customers Today's consumers are always connected, using their smartphones and other smart devices anywhere and anytime to engage. They expect the same from the mobile applications they rely on, demanding apps that complement specific device features and are designed with speed and utility in mind. And just as a good NFL game plan includes both running and passing, the development of a compelling mobile entertainment app requires a balance of strategy and technology. Together, they deliver the winning experience necessary to achieve brand integrity and market adoption. It's not the device, it's the experience The fast growth and ubiquity of 3G/4G wireless network coverage often makes it appear that mobile apps can just be made an extension of the desktop. But delivering a great mobile user experience requires a high level of synergy surrounding the performance of the wireless network, user-centric design and feature sets of the application, location awareness capabilities, etc. Mobile performance engineering helps developers define the experience they will provide the consumer by determining the number of feature sets that can be put

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