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Fast Storage, October 2012

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The computer industry shipped more than 653 million computing systems in 2010, and more than 98% of them had a traditional hard disk drive (HDD) inside. This perennial storage workhorse continues its great 30-year run and provides the basis to go beyond just raw capacity and achieve the highest performance possible from today's advanced microprocessors. SEAGATE.COM/PROMOS/FAST-STORAGE To take full advantage of higher computer processing power, some users have attempted to upgrade to solid state drives (SSDs) that deliver significantly faster performance. But even consumer-grade SSDs can cost an order of magnitude more than comparable-capacity HDDs; high- performance, enterprise-class SSDs are even pricier. Capacity should be affordable, but too often the high price of SSDs forces the user to make a choice between performance or capacity. ▶ OCT 2012 FAST STORAGE 9

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